White Kitchen Cabinets and How to Include Them in a Stylish Arrangement


White kitchen cabinets can be included in the kitchen design, in whatever theme and whatever layout. White is a basic and neutral color so it can be incorporated in any design perfectly. Although most homeowners would include the cabinets in all-white kitchen theme, there are some ideas and inspirations to spark up your kitchen. You can improve its looks, so the white kitchen won’t look so boring anymore.

White Kitchen Cabinets as Smart and Creative Options

  1. Edgy Color in White Kitchen

Edgy Color in White Kitchen

White kitchen is okay but consider throwing in a bold and unique color. You don’t have to add so many different colors; one would be enough. Consider having high gloss look and feature on the kitchen sets and cabinets. Include bright and bold orange for the chair that will look great with paired with the glossy marble kitchen island. The white kitchen cabinets can provide a soothing background for the electric refreshment from the unique bold color.

  1. All White Elegance

all white kitchen theme

If you want to create an all-white kitchen theme, do it in the elegant way. Include all the white in different element, material, and texture. It would be better to use darker color for the floor, for example black tiles or dark brown wooden floor. Therefore, there will be a solid support for the overall layout. The dining table in white with black legs can look great, paired with leather armchairs (also in white). Although everything is white, it doesn’t look boring because of the different texture.

  1. Country French Style

Country French Style kitchen

The white kitchen cabinets can provide a great background for the serene and peaceful kitchen. The signature style of the country French design is the element of nature and originality, which is represented through the wooden chairs. Moreover, the country French look often incorporates blue and white (and also a little yellow) for the color combination. With white kitchen island paired with blue wooden stools and yellow seating pads, and also blue-white backsplash, the kitchen will look super stylish in a peaceful way.

  1. Airy and Light

Airy and Light

Although the kitchen may use the ‘all white kitchen theme’, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use another color. Choose a light tone like light or pastel blue for the walls that will look great with the white cabinets. It will create a light atmosphere and somehow improves organic air flow in the kitchen, especially with the separated white kitchen island.

  1. Classic Black and White

Classic Black and White kitchen

Nothing can beat the classic black and white scheme. Black floor, white kitchen cabinets, black and white walls, and other black and white accents will make the kitchen look modern and yet elegant. Use reflective surfaces to maximize the light, such as stainless steel countertop, French mirror panels, and such thing alike.

Sure, white is a neutral color but when it isn’t planned carefully, it can be boring and even bland. White can be peaceful and soothing but without careful planning, it will be a bore. Feel free to include white in your kitchen design but make sure to have a slight twist to add a splash of refreshment. If planned carefully and well, the kitchen won’t only look great but it will also function well. Using the white kitchen cabinets can be a smart move but be sure to include another element and color to avoid boredom.