What Do I Need to Paint a Room? Check the Basic Requirements and Facts


In case you want to save up some money and try to paint a room on your own, you need to ask yourself, “What do I need to paint a room? What kind of preparation should I make? How can I make this project run smoothly and successfully in the most fun way?” Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rush things. If you want to have an enjoyable process, you need to make time to do this.

What Do I Need to Paint a Room?

Keep in mind that getting your supplies ready before the project can make a huge impact. When you make sure that everything is ready (for both the prep and the core work), you won’t have to work in an erratic mode and you will make sure that you have everything ready. No need to stop and rush to the store before the glue or the paint dries.

  1. Get the Preparation Ready

Clean the wall

What do I need to paint a room? One thing for sure, prepping the wall is super crucial. If you think that painting work is about slapping a new paint directly on the wall, you are hugely mistaken. A long lasting paint requires an initial preparation work, which includes patching the wall holes, cleaning the surface, and also sanding the surface. The preparation alone will take a few hours to complete. You need spatula and spackle to patch the holes. You need metal paint scraper to peel or scrape any cracking paint. Sand paper with fine grit quality is used to smooth the bumps and rough textures. Water and mild soap mixture will be needed to clean the grease or stain from the wall. Don’t forget the painter’s tape that will create a painting border. It will prevent the paint from bleeding to another area.

  1. Make Sure the Supply Is Set

paint material

Once you have prepared the prep materials, get to the core work: getting the painting supplies ready. What do I need to paint a room? These items are pretty simple but a must-have, so be sure that you have them all. Have plastic drop or canvas tarp cloth to cover the furniture (the one that can’t be moved out) and the floor. You will need different types of brush, such as flat type and angled one. The previous one is needed to paint the border while the latter one is used for painting the corners. Paint roller is faster and more efficient than the brush. Mind the type of roller cover because they are not the same.  Paint tray is useful to prevent paint drip but this is more to an optional favor.

  1. Know Different Paint Types

Different Paint Types

You probably have known the answer to the question ‘What do I need to paint a room?’, but do you know the different types of the paint itself? Primer paint, for a starter, is an undercoat usually laid before the new main color. Flat paint is designed for ceilings and low traffic areas. This paint is non-glossy and it is difficult to clean. Eggshell and satin paints are designed for high traffic areas because they have the good reflective quality. Semi and high gloss paints are not for walls – they are for banisters, windowsills, and trims.

To get a desired result, it may take two or three days for the painting work alone so the colors can dry off perfectly. That’s why you shouldn’t rush things to get a satisfying result. Now that you know the answer to ‘What do I need to paint a room’, you can decide whether you want to do it on your own or hire a pro.