Ways to Manage a Stylish Effect of 50 Square Meters House


If you have 50 square meters house, you are probably wondering how on earth you can make it look good looking and appealing without compromising use and function. 50 square meters aren’t much, you know? You will have to deal with such a limited space. If you do it wrong on the management department, your house will even look smaller and more crowded than before. Of course, you can always hire a professional interior decor but you know how expensive they can be. What if you are rather low on the funds? You still have to do the decoration on your own, right?

How to Do the Management of 50 Square Meters House

You aren’t a professional interior decorator or designer yourself but who knows better about your personal needs if not you? For instance, you know for sure that you like corner reading nooks because you enjoy the coziness and the solid wall on your back. Or you know that you always love waking up in the morning with the sun shining softly on your face. No professional interior decorator can able to deliver the perfect layout but yourself. So, know the details of these elements so you can create your own version of the stylish and homey house.

  1. Room Layout

design for 50 square meters house

Do you like the kitchen on the corner or along the hallway? Do you like having the living room bathed by the sun or confined? Such a thing is only familiar and known by you. Take a look around the room and plan a layout inside your head. If you see the big French door and the huge windows, you may decide to have it as the living room. If you see the lifted wooden platform and you like the natural coziness, you can turn it into the bed area. It is you who can manage your own personal layout.

  1. Set up a Partition

partition house

Remember, when you are planning 50 square meters house management and layout, a partition doesn’t have to be a wall. You still need to set up a partition to differentiate one area to another. For instance, a table behind the sofa can act as a partition, showing that it is now the home office area. Or a curtain on the foot of the bed can be a partition. When you feel like it, you can draw the curtain and close the bed altogether. If you have more money, installing a glass partition will be great. But even if you don’t, the alternatives will work just fine.

  1. Play with Colors and Textures

Colors and Textures living room

Different textures, patterns, and colors can create a stylish effect and yet not making it cheesy or tacky. For instance, you want to have a serene white kitchen with marble countertop and glossy surface. Next to it, the living room is filled with furry textures and geometric patterns. The changes of patterns and textures would be enough to create different look and yet still subtle and soft.

It may take a while and extra time to manage the layout and design for 50 square meters house. But when you are able to do this, your house will look smashing and super stylish without you having to overdo it.