Understanding 4 Useful Activities in Kids Clay Room


What do you think about the kids clay room? The room is improving creativity room for kids. There are many activities that kids can do in the room. You can teach basic into the advanced technique of clay. For example, you can try to ask kids to make the hand-building ceramic piece. You also can get the idea from the kids about the next activity in the clay room.

Kids Clay Room

Talking about the clay room, you have to prepare complete preparation of the room. So, all activities will run well all days. Some things that should exist in the room are cookie cutters, stamps, wet clay, and so on. It is important for you to teach how to begin and to finish in making the clay hand-craft. You also need to teach how to clean the kids clay room after being used.

4 Clay Activities

There are many activities for building kid’s activity through the clay. Here, you will know some clay activities for your kids.

  1. Hand-building Process

The first activity in the clay room for kids is the hand-building process. This process is important to drill kids’ hand to be skilled. In this process, you should prepare technique of coil, slab, and pinch. This hand-building process is suitable for all age kids. It means that parents do not need to worry about instruction and tools during the activity. They are safe for the kids.

Hand-building Process

  1. Wheel-throwing Process

The activity is enjoyable. You may want to get difficulties in teaching the wheel-throwing process. The process needs the balance between hand skill and feeling. The kids may not be able to do the wheel-throwing when they are not in a good sense. So, it is important for you to make sure that the kids in your clay class are in a good feeling and a good mood.

You have to remember to teach more than one technique of wheel-throwing for the kids. It is good to give an option for the kids to get the best and the easiest wheel-throwing technique. It will be better if you teach all of the wheel-throwing techniques. The wheel-throwing process will cover trimming, centering, and glazing.

  1. Painting Ceramic Piece for Painful Clay

The third activity in the kids clay room is painting the ceramic piece. You know that painting will make the ceramic piece look painful, beautiful, and attractive. So, it will be the important part to give great value for the ceramic. Kids should use their creativity and imagination to create beautiful painted ceramic piece. The ceramic piece is the flat thing. So, it is easy for kids to decorate it.

  1. Making and Coloring Clay Mug

You also need to teach the kids about making and coloring clay mug. You have known that the mug is the curve thing. So, it will need the unique technique to paint it perfectly. The clay mug will be the beautiful and useful thing that will have a great advantage in the daily life. You can tell the kids that they can sell the mug if they want. It means that they can get income from the activity.

Kids Room with Kids Clay Room

These are some activities that the kids can do in the kids clay room. The activities can build creativity and skill of the kids. So, they will be skilled and smart.12. Kids Clay Room