How to Optimize Spaces in A Two Room Apartment


A two room apartment, the name says it, is a flat, usually small, consisting of two rooms: the sleeping area with a bedroom, and the living room/kitchen, plus the bathroom, of course. As housing type is suitable for use by a couple, due to the lack of a second bedroom, but despite being inhabited by only two people, can present problems of “capacity”, that is why optimizing the spaces in a two room apartment becomes a Vital and necessary question.

Perhaps many will not like the idea, but in small environments would be better to create an open floor plan with regard to the living: “segregate” the cooking area in a cramped and dimly lit kitchen, besides being uncomfortable and inconvenient, will be smaller than the living room. Ideally, you should leave everything open, and if you really want to give the idea of separating the two environments can be done using different colors or flooring materials, or a low stone wall in plasterboard, the latter will not affect the lighting and will act as a shoulder in a larder unit, and in the living room for a comfortable sofa with storage, useful for storing various objects , which otherwise would have to be attached to one of the walls. Choose a compact kitchen with integrated fridge and possibly with doors high, so as to exploit all available space in height in order to store food and cookware.

Finally, the bathroom, which is generally the most sacrificed part of a small apartment, especially if it needs to do laundry as well. The advice we give you is to place the washing machine strikes in the remote area of the toilet and to create a high partition wall up to the ceiling and large enough to hide it from the view; Then it will be easy to equip the above space with detergent shelves, clothes rack baskets etc. A small bathroom does not have to be without style: to give the illusion of more space, choose the suspended sanitary units, do not emboss it with low and tidy furniture, but place a rotating column cabinet, so it does not have to be bent on the wall and you choose Design tiles that will distract attention from the small size of space available.

For not taking up too much space TV can be hung on the wall with the help of a support that allows you to rotate to be viewed from anywhere in the room. All the furniture in the living room should be minimal and essential style while having the necessary capacity to hold plates, cups and anything else: If all that wasn’t enough, equipped of the shelves that being hung on the walls don’t take up too much space.

In the bedroom you prefer a bed with storage: will help fix sheets, comforters and pillows. The cabinet must be chosen with little depth but high up on the ceiling so that you have enough space for clothes but not to sacrifice the remaining furniture of the room. Instead of a dresser or chest of drawers, you can opt for a bridged storage unit that will also act as a headboard to the bed.