Top 3 Best Bathroom Designs In India


Choosing the best bathroom designs in India can be hard. India has a unique culture that also affects the modern style of a house. Even the design for the bathroom that you meet in India can be unique. Some of the designs are modern with some Indian culture touching, but some are full of the India culture touching with some new modification.

Modern Indian homes are usually larger than an ordinary house that we found. Although it mentioned that it was difficult to determine the best bathroom, we identify the types of the bathroom design that includes in most Indian bathrooms.

latest bathroom tiles design in india

Smart storage

One of the best bathroom designs in India characters is that they have smart storage. This storage can be created in outside the shower box near the mirror. This storage can be a place for bathroom tools such as shampoo, body wash, hand wash and other bathroom kits. The smart storage means that it’s bright from the design perspective and the capacity of its usage.

Putting additional things such as flower vase and a real small plant can be a smart choice to make space is intelligently utilized. One bathroom that has the smart storage with unique design could help to be identified as the best.

The tiles design

One of the factors that affect the bathroom looks is the tiles design. Since best design can’t be determined precisely, the design of the tiles that suit with the room can give an idea. The tiles design is not about the color, but the most important thing is that they can give new looks once one enters the bathroom. It is also important to notice that tiles design can support the lighting system in the room.

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The tools

To define as one of the best bathroom designs in India, it must contain the necessary tools completely. Sink or wash basin, mirror, toilet and the tissue, shower box and bath tub are essential tools that every bathroom should have. Additional things probably needed as what individual needs and wants. It is also about the system inside the bathroom too.

The tools also about how well they work. If it’s not a high enough, then it can’t support to be described as the best. It has something to do with the environment, water resources and electricity usage.


The lighting system in modern bathroom design is important, especially for the daily usage. If it uses the natural learning from the sunlight, it will be a great and healthy bathroom. To gain the sunlight as part of a lighting system, you can make the large door or window with the glasses on the wall. Lightning from the roof also possible and can help in maximizing the lighting purpose.

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After knowing some basic types of the bathroom that most Indian has, you can now try to think the ideas to create the best one. It doesn’t matter about the space, whether it is small or large. Usually, the best bathroom designs in India are the bathroom that maximizes the real usage but minimizes the energy usage.