Sustainable Flooring Solutions for Your Eco-Friendly House


sustainable flooring solutions

As more people come to realize that keeping our earth green is no longer a catchphrase, a lot of effort is made to create a more sustainable ways to live. Well, it includes sustainable flooring solutions in the house department. Flooring in the traditional way using hardwood will cause serious deforestations, particularly in developing countries with lots of rainforest. It will seriously harm the sustainability of our planet as a whole. Lucky for us, the designers are ahead and they try to provide green solution for the hardwood problem. Check this article to find out some.

Green and Sustainable Flooring Solutions

  1. Cork

Cork flooring

Yes, you heard it right. This is the cork that you usually find when you’re having a vine—the popping button, yes. Cork is a really good material for flooring, despite being really a newcomer. This material is one of the most preferred sustainable flooring solutions that is derived from cork oak tree, typically grows in the Mediterranean forest. Also, instead of cutting down the whole tree, harvesting cork only uses the bark part, so that it can regrow without a total and complete death of the tree. It will greatly sustain our world. The great thing about cork is that not only it’s great from the green side, it’s really suitable for flooring too—it can be an allergens reducer, not easy to catch fire, can repel insects as well as being rather easy to take care of, unlike hardwood. Cork is also very versatile with lots of possible paints and decorations. Because cork is durable, you can use it everywhere around your house. The floor made of cork usually lasts from 10-30 years.

  1. Bamboo

bamboo flooring

Asia is somehow always a few steps in front, the countries inside particularly also utilize bamboo for various activities and purpose. Here, bamboo is the primadonna of sustainable flooring solutions, since from the type, bamboo is similar to hardwood. It’s also durable and came from a naturally grown bamboo tree, which grows to maturity in the span of three until five years, contrasted to the ordinary trees that has to be grown for about twenty years to be fully developed. Bamboo really feels like feather light when carried, and it has many kinds of shades that it would match any of your creative and artistic moves in decorating your house. Have we already mentioned that bamboo is really strong? Well, bamboo doesn’t easily break, and it’s what the market as well as grassroots society ask for.

  1. Glass tiles

Glass tiles flooring

This one remarks about glass makes you wonder whether we’re living in the same time as Cinderella but you quickly think rationally and find out that the remains of recycled shards from alcohols and perfumes, for example, will be the main material for another popular sustainable flooring solutions. Glass tiles are very much in demand because let’s face it, it’s really pretty. Not only floors, this is also used for kitchen walls and bathroom. Why is glass friendly? First, it comes from recycle. Second, it doesn’t absorb weird things so your house will stay clean. Three, it is low maintenance and it won’t get stained. It is also varies in terms of color, motives and everything. What’s more beautiful from this is that glass tiles, one of the most popular sustainable flooring solutions, won’t absorb sunlight and other source of lights and will reflect it like mirror. Your house will actually look more expensive this way.