Steps Becoming an Interior Designer


Becoming an interior designer is highly recommended to have an education background or bachelor degree that required working for the interior designing field. But if you have only work experience, you are lucky enough to secure your entry level position.

Interior designer and interior decorator are two different things. Being interior designer will need more depth in designing. So if you have a strong passion for creating and to become the designer, you will need to follow these steps below. If you are an entry level interior designer, this is a must read article.

Steps Becoming an Interior Designer

Starting your career

To start your career in interior design or becoming an interior designer, you will need to gain a degree first. Many people said that formal degree is not a must to start this career. However, many firms require designers to have at least bachelor degree. Those who have bachelor degree that related to interior design will be prioritized. To choose the universities and colleges, you’d rather check their accreditation first. Accreditation is important to support your career in the future.

After you take the degree, you are recommended to take interior design qualification exam. In some countries, there is a national or regional test to qualify the interior designer. If there is no such examination in your country, you could start to gain experiences or look for other design certification courses. Both can help you to develop your career and yourself. When you gain your skills, you are recommended to build your portfolio. For your experiences, you can join some small projects, becoming a volunteer in designing or practice it with your colleagues.

It is highly recommended that you build the professional portfolio. A comprehensive portfolio will be your key to seek the clients. Not only clients, but it is also crucial for design firms. Don’t you know that most interior design firms will ask for the portfolio? It is because portfolio can show the level of your skills. Many people that used portfolio experienced better opportunities than those who didn’t.

As an addition, you can even build your own business through networking. What you should do is only to prepare a high-quality portfolio and show you extensive practical and theoretical knowledge to the public. You can seek the clients through advertising, promotion and use social media. Sometimes, it is important to try becoming an interior designer by yourself.

Becoming an Interior Designer

Higher career

A higher career for a designer is affected by two things. They are the education and the work progress that you made. If you see that your progress is good enough, you can start to think about higher degree education. Some firms will allow their designer to pursue higher education that will affect the company’s future.

Interior Designer tools

Looking for continuing education opportunities is important. It will affect not only you but also the firm itself. Taking some short courses to get certificates is also highly recommended. Remember that learning will never give a negative effect. Even attending conferences, workshops, and summit can be another way to support you in becoming an interior designer.