What is Standard Bathroom Vanity Depth Exactly? Here is the Best Answer!


The vanity will affect the overall bathroom. Therefore, it is no wonder if many homeowners put it on the top list when remodeling that space. However, it must be remembered that the size is very influential on the vanity. Then, what is the standard bathroom vanity depth? The question becomes necessary for your comfort either while washing your face in the sink or standing reaching for a mirror to wipe it.

american standard bathroom vanity

What is Standard Bathroom Vanity Depth Exactly?

Perhaps, people will give different answers for the size of the depth and height of the vanity. It depends on their needs and space available. However, if you ask about the standard size according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the most appropriate answer is 21 inches. The thing to note is the standard bathroom vanity depth measurement here does not include the countertop. Thus, the correct way to measure is that taking the size from the front of the cabinet to the back of the cabinet plus the thickness of doors and drawers. For the standard bathroom, vanity depth for small bathrooms is 16 inches or 18 inches.

Steps in Shopping for Bathroom Vanity Depth by Online

If you do not intend to custom or DIY, you should follow the steps below to get the size that suits your needs. Notably, if you want to buy it online, then you cannot touch it directly. However, a professional store will give you a clear picture including the sizes and depths.

  1. Searching the professional online store
  2. To get a detail picture and description, widen the page on the item you want to get a complete description.
  3. In the left sidebar on the next page, it will usually display the detail for you to see and select the depth of the bathroom vanity.

Tips for Finding the Best Bathroom Vanities

In addition to determining the depth of vanity, there are some tips to get the dream vanity to your bathroom. Here they are!

  1. Choosing the bathroom vanity with drawers is better than the vanity with doors. This is because it refers to the fact that most items stored in that space are small.
  2. Making drawers more efficient by creating dividers for makeup or cosmetic products so you can quickly pick them up.
  3. Considering creating a small roll out shelves on either side of the P-trap at the bottom of the sink.

Measuring the depth is the absolute way to get the perfect vanity for every bathroom. Each bathroom may require different sizes, but if standard bathroom vanity depth you are looking for, then go with 21 inches. It has been proven by experts from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.