Smart Kitchens of the Future: 10 Models with Innovative Design


Luxury environments, innovative design and original to say the least, if you want to equip yourself with a kitchen of the future are probably in the right place since we will take you on a fascinating journey through the most amazing projects realized so far.

We are, in fact, futuristic style to present 10 kitchen models that are proper to the refinement of lines and shapes their strong point, purely geometric design merges with an impeccable attention to comfort and practical aspects realizing in fact unique environments.

white design kitchen of future

The kitchens of the future that we have chosen for the occasion were made by established companies and designers of international fame (you’ll find them listed below each image) and highlight the real evolution of design in

10 futuristic style kitchens

futuristic kitchen design inovatif futuristic kitchen design ideas elegant futuristic kitchen design

Forget the classic linear kitchens and get ready to open your mind to the sinuous-edged or projects where the uniqueness of the forms and the individual components plays a central role. Perfect for dynamic and youthful personality, the kitchens of the future you are admiring seem to blend seamlessly with the environment that hosts donating at the same time a precise character hitting from the very first glance.

Geometrical projections, floating elements or perfectly integrated almost to make games of joints, the kitchens of the future are ideal for those who want to bring in their own home the essence of design and aesthetic refinement. The minimalist design (which we have already shown applied precisely to kitchens minimal) seems to meet perfectly the futuristic concept since covering a function that could be called decorative is the shape of the kitchen itself.

Asymmetric polygons or from classic solid forms, combine together to create in all likelihood what are the most striking and sophisticated kitchens that you have had the opportunity to admire. If you want your home’s design and cuisine in particular is inspired by futuristic elements, do not forget to carefully choose the multiple furnishing accessories, such as island hoods with an original design.

Those that are created through the design of these kitchens are environments that we could describe as almost surreal but at the same time comfortable and stylish. The multiplicity of forms gives a sense of dynamism that breaks the classic patterns leaving room for fantasy.