Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Girls


Treating a small bedroom with a large one of course should be compared. They have a different in size even decoration ideas sometimes appear differently between the both. If you are the one of popular girls who desires perfection in your small bedroom, it doesn’t matter. We have solutions for you to make your bedroom looks greater and wonderful although in a reality it is a small bedroom. Let’s see the small bedroom decoration ideas for girls to inspire you in treating your own small / tiny bedroom.

Windows Treatment

Windows treatment that achieves all ways to the ceiling actually adds the height for a room. Add cornice above the window that touches a roof and long enough to cover the curtains. Additionally you can buy a curtain panel and hang it from a curtain rod at ceiling height. Choose a modern print for a sweet floral for a feminine room or a bold look.

Storage Furniture

Ottoman storage provides a well place for the games, craft supplies shoes store. It offers an addition seat place that can be used as the low table when sitting on the floor. But when you just have a room for a piece of storage furniture, choose a wardrobe with a single mirror. A wardrobe with shelves in one of sides and hang in another side room in real is a flexible option. You can also try adding plastic shelves in a wardrobe.

About Lofts

The last concept of small bedroom decoration ideas for girls is situated in a loft. Build a loft with 4 meters of height under the ceiling for your daughter’s bed. Place the girl table under the loft for the specific workspace or studying room with a calm nuance. You can also hang a curtain under side front of a loft and add much floor pillows to create a cozy hiding place for sharing secrets with many close friends. Add curtains are feminine and lightweight.