Simple Bookshelf Design Ideas in Small Rooms


Bookshelf exists in almost every home and is needed by a lot of people. Find out the simple design of bookshelf.

Simple bookshelf design is the perfect choice for those of you who want uncomplicated bookshelf design. Bookshelf is needed in almost every home to organize books neatly. Bookshelf can be an interesting design to the house and there are also many design ideas that you can choose. In choosing bookshelf, simple designs are the most favorite one because it brings an elegant look to the house. If you want simple design, you can buy them easily in the home depot or someplace else. The design is usually the same; it is in the shape of rectangle and looks like a cupboard with several book rests. There is also tree branches bookshelf design which is commonly used by a lot of people. So, why don’t you try this for your own decoration?

Bookshelf Design from Old Furniture

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If you would like to save money, you can make bookshelf on your own. The design is very simple and you will not encounter any major difficulties in creating the bookshelf. Moreover, you will not have to buy the materials as well because you can use your old furniture as your bookshelf. For example, you can create a bookshelf out of your old door. It is very easy to be done and you only need several pieces of wood to be used as the book rest. All you have to do is attach the pieces of wood to the door. This will bring a unique touch to the space. You can also do this with an old window and the step is almost the same like creating it from old door.

Bookshelf Design from Unused Pipes

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Beside old windows and doors, you can also create bookshelf from old or unused pipes. You can use old pipes and arrange them so that they can hold books. This bookshelf will be perfect if you put it in the corner because it will be easier for you to attach them to the wall. You can create the shape like the stairs, therefore, it will be easier for you to reach the books and arrange them. This type of bookshelf will add a sense of retro and modern urban to your house.

In conclusion, simple bookshelf design can be bought in many places and you can also create it on your own. Of course, if you want to save yourself some money, you can try to make bookshelf on your own and you can use your old furniture.