How to Choose Shower Stall Doors


At least once in your life, we are facing a relatively important choice with which however we will have to share for years (if not forever): shower stall doors. The shower enclosure, regardless of size, can be equipped with various models and types of doors also customized, then made to measure. In the choice, it is important to have in mind a set of variables that can affect the purchase such as the space available in the bathroom, the budget, the presence of factors of deficit or motor difficulty that could make the choice of certain types of doors uneasy. On the market the doors of the shower stall can be found in glass, glass-like (plexiglass), anodized aluminum and wood. All doors also have to respect the design of the house, so as to be matched to any bathroom setting, regardless of the classic, rustic or modern style of the room. Here is a series of tips on how to choose shower stall doors.

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Among the various models of shower stall door is available on the market, we find the one at the corner that is composed of a fixed side that can vary in width from 68 up to 99.5 cm, while that sliding from 99.5 up to 159 cm, with a standard height typically of 200 cm. Another particular model is the one that has as its opening door a sheet of glass without frame equipped with a knob, which makes it easy to make it move on the tracks in the sliding version with two doors, or open it in a traditional way (on a side leaf). Lately a particular type of door has been developed that divides the slab into two horizontally about one meter, thus allowing the opening of the single upper section or the entire leaf.

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Now we talk about installation the doors, and the various solutions that are important also to take advantage of all the available space. To facilitate the daily cleaning and hygiene operations of the shower stall, it is also possible to choose a system for models with totally sliding doors on all sides, so that you can turn into the box to do the cleaning and hygiene operations, moving closer to pair on one side and work on the opposite and vice versa. Also for this type of doors for the shower stall, there are no shortage of special designs and designs. In fact, the latter can be finished in glass or wood, and also have an opening with a handle that allows easy translation horizontally if it is the sliding type, or on a lateral leaf for those of traditional opening and one leaf.

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Finally, for those who hold a lot to design, there are doors for shower stalls of plasticized material similar to glass containing serigraphs, which are suitable for particularly luxurious bathrooms, where bright colors and precious wood furniture are the master. The choice of shower stall doors enclosure, does not know therefore boundaries both in terms of functionality and design and from the economic point of view, since there are also very expensive models, signed or finished by hand. It is therefore not possible to define an objectively more just choice than others, having to consider all the variables that have just been stated. Not being then the personal taste, the choice of the shower stall door leaves ample margins of choice and imagination to anyone. The solution that should be repeated in closing, is mainly that of well considering the availability of space inside the bathroom in order to optimize the choice of the door (and its opening) also in that direction.