Residential Green Roof Design Ideas


Do you want something different and environment friendly for your house? Discover design ideas of green roof.

Residential green roof design is a great way to create something different for the house; moreover it is environment friendly. Green roof is a roof of a building which is partially covered or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium that is plated over a waterproofing membrane. If you choose to use green roof for you house, it will bring many benefits for you because green roofs can absorb water, providing insulation and of course it can reduce your stress since it provides you a beautiful landscape.

If you want to design your house with green house, there are a lot of things that you can do to design them. For example, if you have modern house with several separated buildings, you can try to design the lower building roof with many kind of flowers; therefore, it can make the roof really pretty. In choosing the flowers, you have to choose the type which is designed for a green roof because it will be different than the usual one. When you design the lower building roof with flowers, you can automatically see the roof by the upper floors so whenever you wake up in the morning, you can see a beautiful view from your window. This will also be a great idea for you who do not have any space to create a garden.

Another design idea for the design of residential green roof systems is, the simple square design. This is the most common design of green roof and very easy to be created. This will be perfect for you who love simple things. All you need to do is to plan your roof with plant set called Green grid which is designed for a green roof installation. These plants are plastic trays which is set on top of a waterproof membrane. If you love to add something more, you can add little rocks in the corner which surround the roof, this will create a better look for your roof.

To conclude, there are many great ideas of roof design which you can choose for your house. Green roof will not only please your eyes because it offers amazing landscape but it also brings many benefits such as absorbing water and provide insulate. So, if you like to try something different for your house which brings great advantages for the house, you can try to use green roof design as the design for the residential.