How To Replace A Bathroom Fan Easily


Put a fan inside the bathroom maybe is an unnecessary thing for several people. But if you face a problem like to remove moisture and foul odors from your bathroom, the fan is helpful.

How To Replace A Bathroom Fan Easily

When your bathroom fan broke and can’t  work as it should, it can cause an unpleasant experience. Besides feel uncomfortable to use the bathroom, you will also feel unconfident if there is a guest that want to go to your bathroom. So, here several tips how to replace a bathroom fan are ready for you.

This is the way how to replace a bathroom fan :

  1. Removing the Cover

The first thing that you will do for your bathroom fan removes the cover that protects the fan blade. The protective cover on your bathroom fan maybe will difficult to remove. It will happen because the fan was installed before painted.

The dry paint will against the edges of the cover and like glue holding it on your ceiling. To solve it, you will use the knife or flat head screw driver to score the edge. Do it on the cover of the bathroom fan to make you remove the cover quickly.

  1. Make Sure It’s Clean

Accumulate mildew and mold on the bathroom exhaust fan and also prevent it from operating properly. Sometimes, so much dirt, mildew, and grime will build up in the area where the fan blade attaches. It will give a bad impact to the motor that it will prevent the blade from spinning properly and it can’t remove air also moisture from your bathroom.

  1. For the solution, you will just remove the cover from bathroom fan and then remove the fan blade. You will use a scrub brush or other type cleaning brush to clean the blade. Make sure to clean the area where the fan blade attaches to the motor.
  2. Check the Wire Connections

If the bathroom fan is still can’t function properly, check the wiring connections from the power switch to the fan motor. Maybe the wire becomes loose and needs to be tightened.

If you want to replace the whole fan unit, you just need to remove it from the ceiling. Then, take it to your local home improvement store. Make sure you purchase a bathroom fan that matches the size of your current one and have a good quality that durable. Hope the how to replace a bathroom fan tips will help you to ease your job.