Tips in Removing Bathroom Floor


When you have an idea to make a different look with the bathroom, most of all the step comes from removing the existing bathroom floor. By removing bathroom floor, you are hoped to lift the old floor tiles out. Generally, there are lots bathroom flooring types which are often used yet there is not many people who know how to deal with the bathroom floor. By understanding the instruction, you may change the flooring option by yourself.

Instructions in Removing the Bathroom Floor

Before doing the installation process, you need to prepare the tools such as the hammer, screwdriver and crowbar. Moreover, the instructions in removing the bathroom floor you can follow are:

  1. First of all, you need to remove all of the entire materials from the floor to facilitate the installation process. When you find a plastic guard under the door, you need to loosen it up by using screwdriver.
  2. Second, when you find out that there are some trim on the floor, you need to remove it by using hammer and screwdriver.
  3. Third, the crowbar can be placed under the edges between the doors. When you have started to lift up some pieces of the floor’s section, you can follow the pattern that has been used before. For some cases, you can experience that sometimes excess glue is needed to the entire floor.
  4. After that, rotary hammer can be applied to the flooring areas that are secured and protected by mortar. Due to the heavy tool, you may need other people’s help. It is actually a machine that can help you in breaking the floor and also the mortar.
  5. Finally, let them dry and you can further sweep the wasteful and useless material away by using a broom.