Redlands Roof Tiles Product and Manufacturer Information


Redlands Roof Tiles

A Redlands roof tile is a world renowned manufacturer for roof tiles. The manufacturer has been established since 1979. Here is some information regarding the manufacturer that you should know

Redlands roof tiles are known for its advanced quality and concrete roof tiles since 1919. It is a fact that Redlands, as a company, is the world’s largest manufacturer and has been exporting roof tiles to over 25 countries in all over the world. The product of this manufacturer is varied in color, size and texture in order to meet all building needs. Since it was opened in 1979, Redlands has taken over the market; it offers customers complete option of roof tiles. Maybe that is why Redlands is still a choice these days. This worldwide brand’s Redland’s range of roofing tiles includes several kinds of tiles such as concrete roof tiles, slate roofing products and clay tiles. According to this, customers have claimed that Redlands provides the best solution for roofing specifications.

Redlands are known for their strength and durability. These two reasons are based on customers’ reviews and also judging from the process of production. Redlands provides hand-crafted clays combined with machine-made techniques. To test the product, the manufacturer gives it a shot by putting it inside wind tunnels to see its performance against strong wind. Due to this process, the result is satisfying and many people have chosen to use Redlands.

So you have understood a little about Redlands manufacturer and how their roof tiles are one of the best roof tiles in the world. Now, let’s get familiar with its types. First, we have concrete roof tiles. Redlands concrete roof tiles are known for its strength and sturdy. Do you know that to test its performance, it is tested in wind tunnels? Yes, by this condition Redlands concrete roof tiles are able to perform well in all weather conditions. Aside from that, Redlands rosemary clay tiles are also on the list. This type of Redlands tiles has a distinctive characteristic when it’s compared to other tiles. It gives the house ancient atmosphere with styles.

To complete concrete tiled roof, Redlands concrete fittings are perfect. Like its roof tiles, these concrete fittings are also strong and durable. No need to worry about the fittings break over a strong wind or a strong rain, because it is strong and durable; it will not break easily. Same goes with Redlands rosemary clay fittings, it is available in various colors and the half round ridges can be used on a range of angles. By far, we have witnessed that Redlands roof tiles have been one of the world’s leading roofing industry.