Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA with Simple Touch


In the market, you will be able to find queen bedroom set in different varieties. Among all of those varieties, the queen bedroom sets IKEA is proven as the most complete series. Plenty of homeowners incorporate queen-size bed in their big bedroom interior. It is considered the luxurious design brought by the bed itself. However, queen-size bed can also be used in medium bedroom interior. In order to reduce the clutter in it, you might want to choose one with simple touch in it. IKEA already name their furniture in unique names to represent the series. In this article, we are going to give you list of bedroom set with queen size that has simple design.

Popular Series of Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA

  1. Hemnes

Hemnes Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA

Hemnes is the answer for those of you who need queen bedroom sets IKEA with standard design. Even though it has queen size, the design is far from being luxurious. The design is focused on the simplicity and convenience. The bed frame is made out of solid pine covered in clear acrylic lacquer. Meanwhile, the slated base is made out of flexible eucalyptus and pine veneer. Both of them are coated with adhesive resin. Galvanized steel is used for the beam support.

  1. Malm

Malm Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA

As it goes with most design in this list, Malm has simple design. It is highly recommended for minimalistic bedroom interior. The headboard is made out of oak veneer covered in clear acrylic lacquer. The design does not include footboard. Compared to conventional bed design, it is not supported by leg beam in every corner. It uses particleboard to support the weight on the head and leg. As for the slated base, it combines pine veneer and eucalyptus veneer.

  1. Brimnes

Brimnes Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA

If you have small bedroom interior, Brimnes is the best option that you can choose. As part of queen bedroom sets IKEA, it focuses on how to occupy the bedroom space efficiently. It does not use headboard or footboard. Instead of supporting by legs, it is supported by storage cabinet. As you can see, you can ditch storage furniture and replace it with this bedroom set instead. The design incorporates up to four integrated drawers. This series is able to accommodate different mattress thickness as it comes with adjustable bedsides.

  1. Trysil

Trysil Queen Bedroom Sets IKEA

Trysil has unique feature that you cannot find in conventional bed. It comes with adjustable headboard. The headboard can be adjusted in certain angle so that you can read more comfortably before going to sleep. The bedframe uses particleboard. Meanwhile, the leg uses steel rail covered in epoxy coating powder. The design of this queen bedroom sets IKEA will look good if you use it on modern bedroom interior.

As mentioned before, the furniture above uses simple design. Therefore, the clutter on the detail is heavily removed. The design consists of straight lines and bold edges. Despite this distinct design, the queen bedroom sets IKEA is able to make your bedroom interior looks appealing. More importantly, each bedroom set on the list above provides you comfort that will help you regain energy after hectic days.