How to Pick Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity? Here are the Great Steps


The vanity has long been an absolute necessity in any bathroom. If you do not have one yet, Pottery Barn bathroom vanity is available in a wide range of options that you can pick to suit your style and interior needs. There are several reasons refer to the benefits of why the bathroom must have the vanity.

The Benefit of Bathroom Vanities

  1. Meet your needs for cleaning the room or make the bathroom look neat and clean.
  2. Simplify your routine both in the morning and evening before bed.
  3. Beautify the bathroom.

Before you choose the bathroom vanity, you need to consider several factors to make it perfect for you regarding needs, style, and appearance.

Tips for Getting an Ideal Bathroom Vanity to Meet Your Needs

  1. Bathroom size

Consider the size of the bathroom to be your primary factor in finding the perfect vanity. You will find the pottery barn bathroom vanity in various sizes. You just choose it by the needs of your interior space.

Single mini console with limited counter space is perfect for small room or half bath. Although it is small, it has the proper function with two or three drawers and shelves. Also, you can choose the cabinet door by the style you want.

As for the spacious bathroom, the double sink is the most appropriate choice. It has many drawers, shelves, and ample cabinet space that you can use for your laps, hair dryers, and so forth.

  1. Functionality

What do you want from the vanity in your bathroom? Is it just for makeup, storing items, or both? It should be thought of because the vanity comes in a variety of designs that you can choose according to the needs of the functionality you expect.

  1. Maintenance

Think also about the maintenance. Choosing an easy-to-maintenance vanity will help you better. If you want the bathroom vanity that will give your bathroom a clean look, go with iron tubing with a chrome finish or stainless steel. In addition to the crisp look, it is easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Style

Did you know that a piece of furniture can also reflect you in style? Thus, you do not choose the wrong vanity because it will affect your mood and comfort when in the bathroom. For those of you who like a sleek look, at Pottery Barn, you will find a great style, namely a corner vanity with sink.

The Pottery Barn bathroom vanity is available in single and double sink consoles. Therefore, here, you will find what suits your interior size needs for both small and large bathroom. One that is typical of the product offered by the Pottery Barn is the classic style with many drawers. You can use them for your soap or makeup collection. Also, you can use the bottom shelf to accommodate all your hairdresser collection.

pottery barn bathroom vanity classic single wide sink console gray pottery barn bathroom vanity classic single wide sink console white

For smaller spaces, the Pottery barn provides the right choice for them, namely corner vanities or corner consoles. If you are looking for the latest trend color, gray, white, and espresso are the best choices.

Also, the black vanity with original wood pieces is excellent for those of you who want to create such natural and elegant nuance in the bathroom. Anyway, if you are looking for or are planning to have the vanity, then the Pottery Barn bathroom vanity is worth to choose from.