How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets Alone?


How to paint bathroom cabinets must be the most important thing that you have to notice when you are about furnishing a vanity or cabinet itself. In designing your cabinet, you surely need to paint it to beautify its appearance; to make it attractive.

Painting the bathroom cabinet

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

If you would like to know how to paint bathroom cabinets, you should read this passage. Here are steps to paint the bathroom vanity or cabinet alone by your self.

  1. Masking and clearing cabinets. When you want to paint the cabinet, it is necessary to clear it first; remove all the objects of the cabinet including the drawer and the fixtures such as hinges, pulls, and knobs to avoid it getting painted. Do not forget to apply masking or the painter tape to the countertops, too. It is needed to make do such a labeling to the drawers so that you will know the place where the drawer belongs.
  2. Cleaning, filing, and sanding. Old cabinets tend to have many fingerprints, built-up grease, dust, and muck which are difficult to clean. Therefore, you need to use the TSP, kind of a white powder and mix it with the warm water to remove the grease. Inspect the damaged parts of the cabinet and repair it by using the putty and putty knife. Wait it dries and sand it smooth with the sandpaper.
  3. Paint the first coat. Paint the drawer and the door front with primer using the brush or roller. You might also use the sprayer if you would like to. If you are going to use the brush, make sure you paint the drawer or the door with smooth, long and motions to make the brushstrokes invisible. The sprayer might be the best painting tool option.
  4. Paint the second coat. Before you start painting the second coat, you must wait for the first painting dried. If the first painting has been dried, you just need to paint it for the second time. Paint to all surfaces and allow them to dry.

Things to consider

Instead of searching the info about how to paint bathroom cabinets, you need to pay attention to several things, too which will be explained below as well.

  1. The paint type. There are many types of paint. Distemper, gloss, satin or silk, dead flat oil, and eggshell are the most well-known type of paint. Each type is aimed at the different object of a cabinet. Distemper, for example, is used to plaster the upper part of the surface. This paint type is made from animal and natural resins which could give an aged effect of your kitchen furniture. The gloss is usually used on woodwork, etc. Think of choosing the one which you think it is best for you.
  2. Paint color. You must know that the paint is available in many extensive choices of color. It is up to you to select the color of the paint you want to apply. It is suggested to avoid choosing the white color because when your cabinet gets dirty, it will seem clear.
  3. Size. Would you like to buy the smaller or significant size of the bathroom bag? Well, it is up to you. However, if you always have such a long trip, it is better to have a larger bag. On the other hand, you do not need to buy the big one since you will not bring a whole lot of stuff.
  4. Brand. There must have been many popular brands of the paint. Dulux might be one of the paint brands which you could take as the reference because this brand offers such a qualified paint in any color.

Finally, in the end, if you want to know how to paint bathroom cabinets, you need to talk to the experts like the designer or painter to ask for detailed advice.

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