How to Paint Melamine Cabinets

How to Paint Melamine Cabinets

You may wonder how to paint melamine cabinets because it may need some different ways. As we now that melamine is a well-known synthetic material that mostly used in the furniture industry. One of the examples is that it is usually used to cover the economical chipboard panels. It then will go to compose many products such as mobile and cabinet.

How to Paint Melamine Cabinets

Actually, it is a pleasing housewife. But it is so easy to get scratched up and chippings. If it happens, then the shining surface will be ruined. We may hate to see it because the scratch has ruined the look.

In fact, we can replace the scratched part and repaint the whole furniture in a quick and clean way. It may become something new for you, so you need some guidance.

Below is the way that will help you to paint it.

Preparation and tools before paint melamine cabinets

Before you pain it, preparation is needed. Make sure that you have these tools in your hand. They are the plastic sheet or newspaper sheet, Primer, adhesive tape, and sandpaper with fine grain. But that’s not enough, you also need a brush, water, fixative or wax and two-component polyurethane finishing paint.

How to paint

To paint melamine cabinets is just like painting as usual. But there are some tips that will make the painting more effective for you.

First, spraying cabinet is preferable. But you can also use a fine little roller especially to create a near-perfect finishing. Don’t forget to cover the cabinets with the plastics for several weeks. Be patient because the result will be so amazing.

It is always important to protect the surrounding area where you will work by covering with the newspaper or plastic sheet. You should also remember that the main merit of the melamine paper will make it impossible to paint directly.

In addition, when you paint melamine cabinets, use a primer that will make the surface rougher. Just use a couple layers of a primer for it. Avoid to sanding it and just let it dry. If it does not satisfy you after dried out for 4 hours, just sand afterward with sandpaper.

When you are about to finish it, put two-component polyurethane finishing paint. It will give you more durability. For the best result, you may use a spray paint. It will be so useful because it will work to avoid the unattractive streaks.

You may also conclude a fixative layer. Or if it doesn’t sound good to you, use the wax that will make the cabinet looks shiny. It is also washable above all.

When you are about to paint melamine cabinets, you may also think to combine some colors. If you have already known how to paint it in a proper way, then you can easily paint it whenever you want. Choose some color that will make you fresh or happy. You can also try to create some artistic paint if you can.

Once you know how to paint melamine cabinets, then you are free to paint your cabinet at any time you want.

Ideas about Wood Garage Door Panels Replacement

7 Ideas about Wood Garage Door Panel Replacement

Wood garage door panel replacement needs some serious effort to realize it. Definitely, it needs to be maintained to avoid possible damage. And you need to know that when you want to do it in a proper way.

Safety is the priority in your garage. It means that you should provide the equipment with a security system. It will keep your vehicle inside the garage safely, whether from the weather or the bad weather. Besides, a garage is the place where people will directly see from the street.

4 section 8 panel wooden garage door rafael home biz

So, nothing wrong with making it good in appearance, while adding security level is a must. You can design it as you want. You just need to make sure that it is safe with the right security system.

Below are the ideas that you can try to be your wood garage door panel replacement design. You may combine it or develop it with your own design.

7 ideas for Wood garage door panel replacement

Since the wood is vulnerable to the moist and humidity due to its cells, it means that you need an extra effort to maintain it. So, whatever your wood garage door panel replacement design, you will need to make sure that the wood is protected.

The ideas of the wood garage can be started by the design first. You may choose how the door looks like. Choose how you would open the garage door, you can choose to make it as two big doors like the usual one or the door that you need to lift up to open.

The next idea is about the pattern. Although you can just agree with the usual design, you can choose the design that you want. You can decorate it by yourself. It will make your garage so unique.

Ideas about Wood Garage Door Panels Replacement

Then, don’t forget to put the ventilation above the door. This is optional, but it will make a different look to be more beautiful. If you dislike it, then try to have some glass for that. Black or darken glass is preferable. The combination of wood and black glass will be amazing.

The fourth recommendation ideas are to add the color of your wood garage door panel replacement. White or brown can be your choice. If you choose brown, make it looks natural and shiny so it will look more luxury. That color also represents that the wood is strong enough.

Add some security system there, don’t forget to set the hidden CCTV. Then for the woods, after you paint it please add the particular wood oil that will protect it from the bugs that can infect the wood.

wood garage door panels four panel custom gorgeous red doors with glass rafael home biz

The last ideas are to set the lock system. It is better that you choose the lock system with high-security level. Maximize it while still add the security systems around the garage.

And now, you are done with that. If you can’t do it alone or just have no idea how to do it, ask the professional to help you. Usually, it is also better if you want to have a wood garage door panel replacement and consult with the professional.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door opener is one of the things that you should do. Obviously, it is because it is related to the safety. If you a free, then you can do it by yourself. It is not as hard as you have imagined before.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Just by using some tools, you can do it alone by yourself. But if it needs some specific things that you can’t do, then you can just request the specific ways about your problem to the manufacturer.

But, if you think it’s easy or you just want to practice it yourself, then it is allowed. Before you start it all, it is time to prepare the tools and suppliers.

Preparation before installing a garage door opener

Before you install it, you will need some tools and the supplies that will support your work. Some that you will need are including drill, level, hammer, and screwdrivers. You will also need a ladder, pliers, socket wrench and tape measure. If you think there is something missed, then you can add by yourself.

After you done with the tools, it is time for the installation that will be explained below.


Follow these installing a garage door opener guidance.

The first thing that you should do is attaching the header bracket. Attach it to the wall above the garage door. Please notice that it should be centered on the garage door. Be careful if in this job because it’s too risky too for those who got no clue. You can place it 2 inches above the highest point of the door.

The second one is to assemble the opener. Inset the drive rail into the opener power. Attach the traveler to the rail. After it, attach the chain or belt. Follow the instruction to place it in the middle of the garage.

The next step of installing a garage door opener is by attaching the open to the header bracket. You may do this alone. You will need an additional hand here. To do it, attach the end of the rail to the header bracket that you installed before.

Then, attach the mounting bracket. Install the mounting bracket on the ceiling of the garage. Then, attach the opener to the mounting bracket. Do not forget to check the security.

The next step is to check the opener tight or properly as it is should be done. Raise the garage door manually and try to check if your garage door can be opened properly without the opener.

It is not done yet. The next step of installing a garage door opener is by to attach the garage door opener to the garage door. Then attach the safety sensors. You can attach up to two sensors. Then, attach the wall switch.

Make sure that the switch mounted at least 5 feet off the ground. So now, you can try to check it again.  Do not forget to plug in the opener. Installing a garage door opener can work successfully if you do it properly. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction if you need something.

Unique Decorative Porch Columns

Unique Decorative Porch Columns

One of the things that you can do to make your front house beautiful is by adding the decorative porch columns. It will be a perfect choice for you who want to have the different column. The good thing is that you can create it on your own and do what you want. So if you have any imagination to develop your porch, then do it.

Unique Decorative Porch ColumnsBefore doing it, you just need to know your house condition to make the right design. The design can be the one that you want, but you should suit it with your house. As an example, you can have your wooden column in some ways so you need to make sure the coordinate.

Don’t you know that coordination with your house can have a big impact? Yes, that’s the thing that people will see for the first time when they look at your home. So, it is better to have your porch to be comfortable, charming and pretty. Surely people who see it would like to visit and happy just to see it.

Unique decorative porch columns

To make your house is different with any other one, then create your own unique decorative porch columns. You can simply by developing the existing porch idea or create it. If you don’t have any idea, you can search it on the internet and develop the design that seems suitable for you.

To help you with the unique porch, we recommend you to use the stone. As you can see, it is very rare that people use stone as their porch. The column on the stone will be so unique, mainly if you can choose the stone’s design and suit it with the home design. That would be so amazing.

By using the stone, your column will seem like supported by the stone which actually it’s a decoration only. This is suitable for every vintage house. Don’t forget to paint the stone so it is suitable for the column color.

The next decorative porch columns design suggestion is a lighted column. You may get a little bit confused. So, it looks like that there is light inside the column. But it only shows when night comes. To make it more beautiful, combine it with a wooden material column.

Actually, there are so many ways to make your column looks amazing. You can try to choose the use the simple design with additional of having a lamp on it. This will be good and seems like a traditional house.

To make sure that you have a unique decorative porch column, you need to make sure that the column that you design is different from others. As an example, if you like luxurious thing, then you can create such artistic painting there. An artistic column with suitable basic color will make your house looks very impressive.

Once you get the idea to renew your column, you can directly make a plan and start to list the needs. After that, buy everything you need and start to build your unique decorative porch columns.

Best Exterior Doors for your home

How to Pick Best Exterior Doors for Home

Have you recognized best exterior doors for home guys? In a fact, when you design your house using the exterior doors, it will make your house look more stylish. As we know that a door is a gate to enter your house for all people, especially for the guests. Thus, if you can decorate your exterior door well, the exterior of your house will look better. That is why you have to pick the best exterior door of your house.

The ways to determine the best exterior doors for home

In this case, we will offer you many steps to choose the best door which is appropriate for the appearance of your house. So, you are allowed to get the best exterior doors for home. Please learn these following steps well!

  • Check the damage

Best Exterior Doors for your homeThe first step that you should do to get the most admirable exterior door is checking for the damage. This step is very suggested to do even though you made the door of woods. Many manufacturers only sell the ready-to-go doors. So, you could set it using a little screw directly. Besides, you should also check for the damage in the frames of the door before you set the new one. Hence, you will really have the best exterior doors for home.

  • Determine the material of the door

pick Best Exterior Doors for your homeThe next step is determining the material of the exterior door. It is important to do in order to get what you want. If you want your exterior door made of wood, you have to know the kinds of it. They can be oak, walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, fir, and also pine. So, it is a must for you to choose one of them which you like to be yours. Thus, you will not have a desire to change it anymore.

  • Check all the components

When you want to design the best exterior doors for home, you must be a smart buyer. Why can it be like that? Well, when you have a plan to buy an exterior door, you have to check all the components of it. The reason is that because they should fit into each other. Besides, they should come from the same manufacturer.

Don’t forget to select the door’s material which has high quality. Moreover, you can also choose the best and interesting pattern or style of the door. It is of course chosen which is suitable for the appearance or theme of your house exterior.

Well, talking about the style or model of the exterior door, there are so many kinds of it. The upper side of the door is made of glass and the bottom side is made of wood. There is also a door which is only made of wood. Besides, you can also choose an exterior door with one door model or two models. Both of them are so great and attractive to apply out of your house.

That’s all the easy steps of picking the best exterior doors for home. Please match your exterior door with the exterior look of your home. Have a good try!