Ceiling Fans for Kids Room

Ceiling Fans for Kid Rooms Ideas

Building ceiling fans for kid rooms is easy. The hardest part is to find the right ceiling fan that suits with the kid’s favorite things. Every kid has their interest, and a ceiling fan can be design related to their stuff.

There are many ideas to build the ceiling fans that suit the kid himself. If you want to create ceiling fan for kids, then you must determine their gender first. All of us know that the favorite things between girl and boy are so different. Here, we will give the idea about the ceiling fans design to help you decide the right one.

Ceiling Fans for Kids Room

For boy

If you already knew the things that your little boy likes, then decide to think about it. For example, if your son likes football then create soccer ball ceiling fan. You can put the ball design in the middle of the fan. It’s also applicable if his favorite thing is basket ball. You can use the basket ball mini design as the center of the fan.

It is different if his favorite thing is a plane. You can modify the center of the fan as the head of the plane. You can also build the whole body of the plane in a small size and put the head that has a fan in the bottom. It will be so fun if you can modify the color as he likes. Most favorite colors are including red and blue.

ceiling fan kids room for boys

If you don’t know your son’s favorite things, you can build the general one. You can choose the general design of ceiling fan that has kid things design such as cars and animals. A general ceiling fan without the kid things also fine, you just need to think about the color. The Even general design of ceiling fans can be the best ceiling fans for kid rooms.

For girl

The design for a girl mostly focuses on the color. The color such as pink, purple, light blue, and color combination is the girl’s favorite color. If you don’t know your daughter’s favorite thing, then you can ask about her favorite color. The design can be decided later.

If your daughter likes flower, then you can make the ceiling fan that looks like a blooming flower. Design this bloom flower fan with the color that your little girl wants. Pink, smooth pink and purple can be the best choice, but it all depends on your little girl.

ceiling fan kids room for girl

Other ceiling fans for kid rooms ideas for a girl are quorum pinwheel and balloon ceiling fan. They are suitable for any girl and can be modified too. To adjust it to the daughter’s room, you just need to change the color that suits with her room. You can even paint it with butterfly, flower, lady bug and flower plants.

The key is that you understand your kid’s favorite thing or color. It will give you the idea the true ceiling fans for kid rooms that suitable with your kids.

Best Way to Heat Home

How to Choose the Best Way to Heat Home

Sometimes, choosing the best way to heat home is difficult. There are so many factors you have to be considered to select the right heating system for your house. Heating your home is important, particularly if you live in the subtropical country. It will be useful when you face winter. For those who live in Northern Hemisphere or around the Arctic Circle, heating home is essential and could be hard to choose. The consideration such as the impact on the environment and it costs can interrupt your time.

Below are the two most important things to consider before you choose the heating system for your home. They are efficient and the effects to the environment. The efficiency factor will cover several important things that you must understand. The effect to the environment is aimed at your health in the future.

Best Way to Heat Home

The efficiency

You will get the best way to heat home if you explore the system’s efficiency. There are many systems that you can choose to heat your home. Some top options are central heat, oil heating, wood heating and solar heating. You should check the efficiency of the system that you would like to choose and the energy that your house will need.

You can start to hire a professional energy auditor. The energy auditor will analyze your home a physical power examination. He will analyze each part of your home before give you recommendation about heating system. He will also help you to identify the right system to your house and determine the costs of your heating system.

It is important to hire the energy auditor if you don’t have any idea about heating system. If you make a mistake that you don’t know, it will damage you and your family. But if you hire the energy audit, you can minimize the risk of your future heating system. When identifying is over, he will give you advice that you will need.

But if you think you can identify the energy efficiency alone, you’d better seek advice from professional ones. It is important to make sure that you don’t miss anything such as the costs, the safety, and the system’s performance to your home.

the Best Way to Heat Home

Effects to the environment

To choose the best way to heat home, you will highly recommend choosing the eco-friendly one or that has less impact on the environment. Why is this important? Because it will affect your environment in the future, which means your health will be affected too. Nowadays, the government is supporting to use the eco-friendly heating system since the climate change is real and we have been urged to take part in it.

napoleon fireplaces for heat home

The clue is to choose the system that has less negative effects and will produce less pollution into the air and less smoke into your home. The recommendation systems are central heating, wood heating, and solar heating. You can modify the system if you think they look traditional. So basically, choosing the best way to heat home is choosing that also best for your environment.

latest bathroom tiles design in india

Top 3 Best Bathroom Designs In India

Choosing the best bathroom designs in India can be hard. India has a unique culture that also affects the modern style of a house. Even the design for the bathroom that you meet in India can be unique. Some of the designs are modern with some Indian culture touching, but some are full of the India culture touching with some new modification.

Modern Indian homes are usually larger than an ordinary house that we found. Although it mentioned that it was difficult to determine the best bathroom, we identify the types of the bathroom design that includes in most Indian bathrooms.

latest bathroom tiles design in india

Smart storage

One of the best bathroom designs in India characters is that they have smart storage. This storage can be created in outside the shower box near the mirror. This storage can be a place for bathroom tools such as shampoo, body wash, hand wash and other bathroom kits. The smart storage means that it’s bright from the design perspective and the capacity of its usage.

Putting additional things such as flower vase and a real small plant can be a smart choice to make space is intelligently utilized. One bathroom that has the smart storage with unique design could help to be identified as the best.

The tiles design

One of the factors that affect the bathroom looks is the tiles design. Since best design can’t be determined precisely, the design of the tiles that suit with the room can give an idea. The tiles design is not about the color, but the most important thing is that they can give new looks once one enters the bathroom. It is also important to notice that tiles design can support the lighting system in the room.

luxurious bathrooms dream bathrooms in india

The tools

To define as one of the best bathroom designs in India, it must contain the necessary tools completely. Sink or wash basin, mirror, toilet and the tissue, shower box and bath tub are essential tools that every bathroom should have. Additional things probably needed as what individual needs and wants. It is also about the system inside the bathroom too.

The tools also about how well they work. If it’s not a high enough, then it can’t support to be described as the best. It has something to do with the environment, water resources and electricity usage.


The lighting system in modern bathroom design is important, especially for the daily usage. If it uses the natural learning from the sunlight, it will be a great and healthy bathroom. To gain the sunlight as part of a lighting system, you can make the large door or window with the glasses on the wall. Lightning from the roof also possible and can help in maximizing the lighting purpose.

bathrooms designs traditional in india

After knowing some basic types of the bathroom that most Indian has, you can now try to think the ideas to create the best one. It doesn’t matter about the space, whether it is small or large. Usually, the best bathroom designs in India are the bathroom that maximizes the real usage but minimizes the energy usage.

Becoming an Interior Designer

Steps Becoming an Interior Designer

Becoming an interior designer is highly recommended to have an education background or bachelor degree that required working for the interior designing field. But if you have only work experience, you are lucky enough to secure your entry level position.

Interior designer and interior decorator are two different things. Being interior designer will need more depth in designing. So if you have a strong passion for creating and to become the designer, you will need to follow these steps below. If you are an entry level interior designer, this is a must read article.

Steps Becoming an Interior Designer

Starting your career

To start your career in interior design or becoming an interior designer, you will need to gain a degree first. Many people said that formal degree is not a must to start this career. However, many firms require designers to have at least bachelor degree. Those who have bachelor degree that related to interior design will be prioritized. To choose the universities and colleges, you’d rather check their accreditation first. Accreditation is important to support your career in the future.

After you take the degree, you are recommended to take interior design qualification exam. In some countries, there is a national or regional test to qualify the interior designer. If there is no such examination in your country, you could start to gain experiences or look for other design certification courses. Both can help you to develop your career and yourself. When you gain your skills, you are recommended to build your portfolio. For your experiences, you can join some small projects, becoming a volunteer in designing or practice it with your colleagues.

It is highly recommended that you build the professional portfolio. A comprehensive portfolio will be your key to seek the clients. Not only clients, but it is also crucial for design firms. Don’t you know that most interior design firms will ask for the portfolio? It is because portfolio can show the level of your skills. Many people that used portfolio experienced better opportunities than those who didn’t.

As an addition, you can even build your own business through networking. What you should do is only to prepare a high-quality portfolio and show you extensive practical and theoretical knowledge to the public. You can seek the clients through advertising, promotion and use social media. Sometimes, it is important to try becoming an interior designer by yourself.

Becoming an Interior Designer

Higher career

A higher career for a designer is affected by two things. They are the education and the work progress that you made. If you see that your progress is good enough, you can start to think about higher degree education. Some firms will allow their designer to pursue higher education that will affect the company’s future.

Interior Designer tools

Looking for continuing education opportunities is important. It will affect not only you but also the firm itself. Taking some short courses to get certificates is also highly recommended. Remember that learning will never give a negative effect. Even attending conferences, workshops, and summit can be another way to support you in becoming an interior designer.

How to Become an Interior Decorator?

How to Become an Interior Decorator?

If you have strong interest and passion in decorating and arranging furniture, become an interior decorator could be your way. The good news is that you don’t need a great degree in interior design to start this profession. But you need to have good eyes, passion, and willingness to learn for the job.

However, gaining specialization courses, certificate of training or license courses is necessary to start your career as a decorator. There are some steps to begin this profession. And below are the steps that will guide you to achieve it.

How to Become an Interior Decorator?

What to do as an entry level

The first thing that you should do to become an interior decorator is gaining experience. It is important to develop yourself and see many things that you can learn. You can evaluate your skills, even your strengths, and weakness.

During gaining an experience, many people will advise you many things. It’s nice to learn people’s favorite design, and it will be useful once you get the market in the future. In this part, you should show your skill and your best. Your ability to show an extensive knowledge of space planning will start to grow here.

You will also need some training, at least one that can certify your skill. Although you don’t need some particular degree, training or courses can give you greater credibility. It will increase your opportunity as a decorator. Seek the training or courses program specialized in interior design.

Many universities provide some short courses programs in interior design major. The important things that you will learn are including the fundamental part of designing, the history of decorating, organizational skills and the favorite designing style.

After that, extend your experience by practicing the interior design skill. To become an interior decorator, you will need a portfolio or your works samples. While practicing your knowledge, put together the great sample of your works.

You will need this to apply for a job that can be your stairs to be a professional decorator. You can also try to apply some job with your portfolio. This can be your new experience to meet people and learn many things.

Become an Interior Designer

Become a professional decorator

It may take years to become an interior decorator, although it also depends on how your work. After you find the job and find the other opportunities, try to make your network wider through attending a workshop or social media promotion.

If your final purpose is to work only, then your next step is just to keep developing yourself in this field. You can be promoted to a higher position if your work progress makes the company satisfied.

Become a professional decorator

But if you want another thing such as decoration business, you can start to use your experience to make a plan of activities. In this step, you will not only work but also open the jobs for other people.

The key of all is about learning, self-development and healthy eyes. So, if you think your real passion is becoming an interior decorator, follow these steps to start your journey.