The Easy Ways to Whitewash Bathroom Vanity

The Easy Ways to Whitewash Bathroom Vanity

To whitewash bathroom vanity is one of the best choices that you can do when you need to renew the surface of your vanity. It can be done to make the surface of the vanity look clean and bright when all of the surfaces have a white color. In some moments to spend in a bathroom, a white color can be the best choice to apply because it will create a clean and bright impression. So, consider whitewashing your vanity well to give you more comfortable feeling every time you go into the bathroom.

The Easy Ways to Whitewash Bathroom Vanitywhitewash bathroom vanity white design ideas plans washed oak diy how to a

Then, talking about to whitewash bathroom vanity, there are several ways which you can do easily. Here they are:

  1. Take off hardware

The first thing that you can do to simplify you in whitewashing your vanity is to remove all hardware attached to it. It is suggested because the existences of hardware will make the process of whitewashing does not work well. Also, there is some hardware and almost all hardware which are not good to be exposed a kind of paint. So, make sure that all hardware has been removed before doing whitewashing.

  1. Clean the surface

Before whitewashing process is begun, it is also necessary for you to clean the sanity’s surface first. It is needed because any dirt like dust will make the result of whitewashing not good. It will make the white color look less bright when the paint on the vanity’s surface is mixed with the dust in the whitewashing process. Therefore, make it clean first is the right beginning before giving paint.

  1. Paint

The last way of whitewashing process is to attach the paint. To do it, you should be careful of your movements. Make sure that you paint in the same direction of moving your brush. Thus, the result of the painting will be smooth.

Considering that a bathroom is one of the rooms which is always visited by the owners, to make it look beautiful is important. To support the beauty, it is better also to make it bright and look fresh. Thus, it will be so appropriate if you decide to whitewash your bathroom vanity.

Furthermore, when you decide to whitewash bathroom vanity, don’t forget always to preserve it well. it is suggested not to put it near the spot in which water splashes often go there because water is not great to make the vanity’s surface durable when water always drop there.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

Reclaimed wood bathroom mirror must have been a classic frame of the mirror which is made of the trash or wasting like the old wood. For many people, the old wood is useless, so they start getting rid of it. However, rather than throwing the wood out of the house, you can still make use of it by making reclaimed rustic barn wood-framed mirror.

DIY reclaimed wood mirror

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirrorreclaimed wood bathroom mirror distressed vanity framed mirrors for bath barn

Well, rather than you go buying the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror in an online shop or the local shop near your city, it would be better if you create your DIY reclaimed wood framed mirrors. Here will be explained about the steps of making the DIY wood framed mirrors.

  1. Mirror. The first step to do is to find a mirror that has not been framed yet. Make sure to know the size of the mirror so that you will know what size of the wood frame which matches the mirror. To make sure you know the size, you need to measure it by using the measuring tools.
  2. Additional equipment. Prepare the additional equipment including the saw, wall hooks, bracket, hammer, paint, etc. Cut the old wood by using the saw. Make sure you cut it into the square shape. Then, use a router; start clamping a straight edge to a scrap piece of MDF.
  3. Hold together. When you finish cutting your wood into for square pieces and have been already rooting it, you need to make them sync by holding them together. Of course, you hold them by the bracket.
  4. Attach to the wall. The last step you need to do is attaching the reclaimed wood into the wall; overlap it behind the mirror. Then, it is enough to hold everything in its place. Finally, it is up to you whether you want to paint the wood or not.

The benefits of DIY reclaimed wood

Again, rather than purchasing the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror, people prefer to create it DIY. That is because DIY reclaimed wood offers them many advantages which will be explained below.

  1. Durability. It is true that most of the reclaimed wood offered in the local shop is durable. When you do not have much money, you always start thinking about buying the cheap, unqualified one. However, if you create such a DIY reclaimed wood, you can make sure it will be qualified and last long since you, your self that makes it.
  2. Look. Having such a DIY reclaimed wood must look different; it might even seem unique because it is made of the wasting wood. Also, its design will be classical and unusual since you might design the frame in any design you want to.
  3. Installation. Well, sometimes installing the mirror frames must be the difficult thing to do alone especially by women since it is heavy. However, they may ask for their husband’s help or a friend’s help to make it easier.
  4. Affordable. Of course, having such a DIY reclaimed wood mirror must be pretty affordable because you will not spend any money except for buying the supported tools to install it. Well, for the other materials, you might not buy it since it has been available.

Well, that is all about reclaimed wood bathroom mirror; hopefully, it will be useful to anyone who wants to create the DIY reclaimed wood by her or himself.

Modern Men's Bathroom Bag

Modern Men’s Bathroom Bag

Men’s Bathroom Bag must be needed by all men including you to hold and save such bathroom equipment. Well, it is true that at your bathroom, you do not think that the toiletry bag is necessary. However, when you have a trip, whether it is a short or long trip, you must need the bathroom bag so that you can bring their toiletry needs such as the bar soap, sunscreen, body lotion, etc.

Modern Men's Bathroom Bag

Of course, when you are about to go buying men’s bathroom bag, you will find them available in many models. In these following points, there are modern models of the toiletry bag you might choose.

  1. AmeriLeather top-zip leather toiletry bag for men. If you have a limited budget but still want to get best bathroom bag, AmeriLeather might be the right one. This bag is made of qualified grain cow leather even though its price is USD $50. It is designed to have such an easy access when you unzip it. You might not worry to place this bag in the wet place including the bathroom because it is waterproof kind of bag.
  2. Dopp kit shaving accessory of toiletry travel bag. Same as its name, kit shaving is the type of bathroom bag used to save the shaving accessories. This bag is designed in the vintage one; creating such a classical look. Of course, you cannot underestimate its quality because it is made of the leather.
  3. Nike tanned-leather travel kit. For a modern and classical toiletry bag, Nike, one of the famous brands, has been launching the Nike tanned-leather bag which looks simple but elegant. Same as the previous bag, Nike tanned-leather bag is made of top grain leather. With the extra-large pullers, you might be handy to grip and hang it.
  4. Multi pocket men’s toiletry bag. This kind of toiletry bag has many little pockets and compartments which each serves the different function. The top part is the largest one so that you will enable to save spacious toiletries including shampoo, face and body washes, toothpaste or toothbrush. In the front part, it is a bit smaller, but it matches well to save the shaver. The other pockets must seem small, but you could also save the nail clipper or lip balm.

Things to consider

If you are about to purchase men’s bathroom bag, you need to pay attention to several things which will be explained in these following points.

  1. Price. It is important to have such detailed information about the price of the bathroom bag which you would like to buy. Well, if you know the exact price of the bag, you could consider whether or not you will purchase it. Make sure to choose one which matches your budget.
  2. Material. Even though the bathroom bag is available in many material’s types, you would better to select the one which is made of leather. This is because the leather is a qualified material that may last longer. It is kind of waterproof, too. Moreover, when it is dirty, you can easily clean it just by using the water and tissue.
  3. Size. Would you like to buy the smaller or significant size of the bathroom bag? Well, it is up to you. However, if you always have such a long trip, it is better to have a larger bag. On the other hand, you do not need to buy the big one since you will not bring a whole lot of stuff.
  4. Color and design. Every man must have different taste of design and color of the bathroom bag. However, you need to make sure you have bought the one which has a unique design, and it matches the color. It will be strange if you choose the classical design of the bag but its color is red.

Finally, in the end, if you would like to have such cheap men’s bathroom bag, you need to think about buying it on the online shop.

The Benefits of Applying Home Depot Bathroom Vanities with Tops

The Benefits of Applying Home Depot Bathroom Vanities with Tops

What do you think about home depot bathroom vanities with tops? We think that not all of you know about it. Well, when we talk about a bathroom, we must also think about some furniture in it, like shower, bathtub, vanities, and some other important things. Then, for you who like to have a modern bathroom with an attractive look of the vanities inside, this inspiration can be the right solution for you. So, apply it if you feel interested in it.

The Benefits of Applying Home Depot Bathroom Vanities with Tops

By applying these home depot bathroom vanities with tops idea, you can turn the atmosphere of your bathroom become stylish and trendy. It can be so because of the existence of vanities with tops which can present an exciting look. Then, about the tops of the vanities, you can make it as several usages. The two of them which can be powerfully useful for being used are:

  1. Small sink

All of us realize that sink is one of the most important things in a bathroom. It can be used to wash hand or wash your face when you do not need to take a bath. Then, it can also be a comfortable place to do some other activities like brushing teeth, cleaning face, and so on. So, with the existence of sink placed on the tops of the vanities, it can help you to beautify the look of the bathroom and simplify you to do some activities which are needed to do in it.

  1. Place to put big mirror

A mirror is one of the most necessary things to exist in a bathroom. Everyone must need to look into the mirror to check the appearance of them. With this idea of home depot bathroom vanities, you can provide a mirror to the top of the vanities attractively. Besides being able to save some accessories and properties, vanities can be used for other purposes, including looking into it. Also, when you decide to put a mirror in it, it is better for you to consider the frame of it which fits the size and color to the vanity used. Thus, the look will be stylish and trendy to see.

Considering that to use the home depot bathroom vanities with tops ideas can give an interesting effect to the atmosphere of your bathroom, do not hesitate to get inspiration for it as the new design for your vanity. Also, be creative to provide some other accessories and put them on the vanity. This matter will beautify and make the better look of the new vanity design indeed.

Some Reasons to Hire Commercial Interior Design Firms Chicago

Some Reasons to Hire Commercial Interior Design Firms Chicago

All about interior design requires elaborate aspects to achieve the best style, performance, and functional aspects. For many people, it is not easy to design or plan their living room, home office room, bedroom, and kitchen. Some commercial interior design firms Chicago offer professionalism in realizing what their clients desire about. As reputable firms in interior design, they have been experienced in figuring out precisely their clients’ needs and what exactly they want such as choosing furniture, picking color for wall and flooring, lay outing, and organizing rooms. In Chicago, it is quite easy to find this kind of professional interior design firm. The feasibility and professionalism of a firm that focuses on home improvement and interior design can be proven by the number of clients they handle throughout a year as well as how many they have run. Some firms employ some professional interior designers that hold NCIDQ license. This makes the firms more trusted and popular among developers and consumers.

Some Reasons to Hire Commercial Interior Design Firms Chicago

Commercial Interior Design Firms Chicago as Recommended Partner for Home Improvement

  • Professionalism

Professional assessment comes from an interior designer. When you find it difficult to act in certain situation, an interior designer is able to create an appropriate and mature plan. Commercial interior design firms Chicago hire some professional designers to satisfy clients. They have been trained in analyzing and noticing things that other people may not.

  • Extraordinary Factor

Professional designers are able to provide you an extraordinary factor that is higher than your expectation. Since they can think spatially, differently, and deeply, they are able to create something extraordinary that wasn’t even thought by client.  3.    Save Time and MoneyWhen you handle something without having any knowledge and skill, of course you will be at risk of making some errors. Think to involve interior design firm. Some people may think it is not a good idea since it takes expenses. But try to think twice. Hiring an expert is a good way to avoid expensive mistakes. When you make these mistakes, count how much your loss. So, let interior design firm be your partner to add the aesthetic value of your dwell. For home developer or seller, they help to achieve sales goal.  4.    Functional Aspect

Home improvement is not only about aesthetic, but also functional aspect. When you involve reputable interior design firm, you will realize that ornaments placement such as artwork, furnishing, and lighting and spacing are crucial things to meet the functional aspect.

  • Details

Professional decorators are trained to do all things harmoniously. They are perfectionist in details. For example, in the living room, they pay attention to even the smallest things such as the suitable frame for wall arts, materials for area rugs, a decorative planter on the coffee table, etc.

It is easy to identify other benefits of involving commercial interior design firms Chicago as your partner in improving a dwelling house, apartment, and even office. Unique ideas always come to turn a room into an extraordinary stunning space.