The Options of Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets


Do you know that there are actually different forms and design handles for kitchen cabinets? Yes, even the seemingly simple and small elements can really affect the overall look of the kitchen layout. You should realize that without these complimenting elements, the overall look and atmosphere of your kitchen won’t be complete.

The Various Designs and Looks of Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

Most homeowners don’t realize that the kitchen knobs and handles are quite important in the kitchen design as well as the function. Can you imagine how you will use the cabinets without the handles? You will have difficult times putting and removing items from the cabinets. Moreover, the handles can really complete the look, resulting in a more complete style and theme. To make your cabinets look different and unique, use the knobs and achieve the ideal outcome that you want.

  1. Textured Knob

Textured Knob Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most unique design handles for kitchen cabinets is the textured knob or handle. The handle is usually thick while the knob is usually big – at least, bigger than the usual knob. The bigger and thicker design is created to enhance the texture and also pattern, if there is any.

  1. Sturdy Hardware

Sturdy Hardware Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

This kind of knob is definitely perfect if you have the full size cabinets or the sturdy ones made from heavier (and thicker) materials, such as marbles or ceramic. The sturdy cabinet will look match with the also sturdy hardware. And it would be a good idea if you can use the contrast colors. Brown cabinets, for instance, will look elegant and exclusive with the dark knob or handle.

  1. Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

Do you know that the combination of silver and gold can actually create a timeless and elegant finish? The combination of the two hues is great when you want to deliver a timeless and elegant outcome. That’s why this color combination is also one of the most popular design handles for kitchen cabinets. If you have the old and worn handles, try to replace them with the silver and gold hardware. You will be surprised of how such a simple change can transform the overall look of your kitchen.

  1. Contemporary Pulls

Contemporary Pulls Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever seen the brushed nickel hardware? It looks clean and simple and yet super stylish and modern, right? If you have a contemporary kitchen with gray hue for the cabinet or even the metal cabinetries, the contemporary pull will be the ideal option. It creates a matching outcome, which is somehow serene and soothing. Don’t you love it when you can create a soothing ambiance for such a busy room?

  1. Mixed Hardware and Shape

Mixed Hardware and Shape Design Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

There is no rule of thumb saying that you should use the similar hardware for all of the cabinets. To make it more fun, why not mixing things up? One cabinet can use the vertical pull, the other one can use the horizontal pull, and the others use the chunky knobs. With so many various design handles for kitchen cabinets, why limit yourself?

There are other types of hardware out there; you only need to explore your options. But be sure that the different design handles for kitchen cabinets can really spark the kitchen in the simplest manner. You only need to know your options.