Natural Homemade Bathroom Cleaner


Homemade bathroom cleaner should be one of the supported things to clean the bathroom. Exactly, cleaning the bathroom must require much time and energy since there are many parts of the bathroom exist. However, by the use of bathroom cleaner, it has to be easy to clean the bathroom.

diy natural cleaning products bathroom cleaner

Natural homemade bathroom cleaner

There are two kinds of bathroom cleaner; they are natural homemade bathroom cleaner and chemical bathroom cleaner. Rather than chemical cleaner, natural cleaner is always chosen by most of the people since it offers the buyer many benefits. Here are the advantages of the natural homemade cleaner.

  1. Cheap. Rather than buying the bathroom cleaner, you might be able to make your natural bathroom cleaner. Of course, you need to purchase some materials to make the cleaner, but it does price more affordable than the one sold in the market. Plus, you might consider by yourself whether you want your cleaner is big or small.
  2. No woozy odor. Sometimes, it is uncomfortable and unpleasant of smelling the woozy odor of the bathroom cleaner. Luckily, the homemade bathroom cleaner smells the natural fragrant which is refreshing.
  3. Eco-friendly. The homemade cleaner is kind of a product that has been designed to do the least possible damage to the environment so that you might be indirectly a participant to save your environment.
  4. Effective. Do not get cheated of the chemical cleaner. Even though it seems that it is effective to clean the dirt, tile, surface, etc., not all of the chemical cleaner works well. Homemade cleaner, on the other hand, has been proved that it can work well to clean many parts of the bathroom.

DIY natural homemade bathroom cleaner

It is possible to have such a DIY natural homemade bathroom cleaner as well as you have known the steps or ways to create it. Let’s see how to make the DIY natural cleaner below.

  1. Cleaning the mirror. Before you start making the DIY cleaner, it is a must for you to search for the ingredients of the bathroom cleaner including the orange or lemon, lavender essential oils, vinegar, dish soap, and water. You just need to mix all those ingredients and put it on the spray.
  2. Cleaning the toilet. You need to buy the baking soda and vinegar. Mix those two ingredients; each is for one cup. Do not forget to dump each straight in the bowl since it will foam and fizz crazily. Then, let you wait for a minute and then clean the bowl using the scrubber.
  3. Cleaning the drain cleaner. Cleaning the drain cleaner is pretty similar to cleaning the toilet. You will need the baking soda and the vinegar, too. You have to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you begin cleaning the drain cleaner.

Finally, in the end, homemade bathroom cleaner may become one of the solutions to get less expensive but effective bath cleaner.