Modern Space-Saving Plates and Dishes Cabinet


Minimalist kitchen, which usually has limited space, should get more attention. The design, layout, and furniture selection is the essential point to consider for creating a practical and efficient kitchen.  Space-saving plates and dishes cabinet is one of the most recommended furniture that should exist. The design and size of the cabinet should fit in your minimalist kitchen. Some people decide to purchase a cabinet by its style only, without paying attention to its design whether it is suitable for their kitchen. Of course, this mistake makes the kitchen looks narrow and stuffy. To avoid this mistake, follow some ideas about the types of cabinet for plates and dishes below.

Minimalist Plates and Dishes Cabinet Ideas

  • Compact Vertical Cabinet

Compact Vertical Cabinet kitchen

Compact vertical plates and dishes cabinet is one alternative to furnish your minimalist kitchen. It provides a lot of spaces to store your plates and dishes more effectively. Since most of these cabinets are designed with sophisticated look, it serves both storage and decorative function. It features drawers, racks, and shelves. You only need to provide one side with the size of 1.5 m x 0.5 m for this cabinet, but you can store a plenty of stuff, including plates, dishes, glasses, spices, and eating and cooking utensils inside.

  • Wall Mounted Cabinet

Plates and Dishes Wall Mounted Cabinet

This is a really right solution for the tiniest kitchen. There are a variety of lightweight minimalist wall mounted cabinets you can choose to provide more storage for your plates and dishes without taking the remaining space.  Install it over your kitchen sink or stove. It allows you to do the kitchen activity more quickly and effectively. Several wall mounted cabinets are designed with glass door that allows you to expose the inside look.

  • Mini Table Top Cabinet

Plates and Dishes Mini Table Top Cabinet

Make everything in your kitchen well-organized in this tiny little thing. This mini table top cabinet will not reduce your kitchen space at all. It can be practically placed on the kitchen table, island, or main cabinet. Whether it is made from wood or other materials, this type of plates and dishes cabinet will add an adorable look to your kitchen. It usually features shelves with sliding doors with the useful top where you can place something like dishes, beverages, or just a decoration.

  • Modern Minimalist Sideboard Cabinet

Plates and Dishes Modern Minimalist Sideboard Cabinet

When you add this simple plates and dishes cabinet to your kitchen, it will be an appealing focal point due to its beautiful design. It provides locker room, drawers, and microwave space. The top of the cabinet is provided to place some wine bottles and glasses as well as decorative vases.

  • Decorative Corner Vertical Cabinet

Plates and Dishes Decorative Corner Vertical Cabinet

This decorative cabinet is another beautiful complement you can bring into your kitchen or dining room. Besides provide storage for your plates and dishes, you can also make it as a center of attraction. You can display your decorative plates or glasses on the glass shelves. The glass door allows you to expose the inside. So, not only plates and glasses, you can add some more decorations such as decorative trays and vases inside. While the bottom part, which is equipped with closed wooden door can be effective to store some dishes.

The ideas of plates and dishes cabinet above can be your starting point to plan furnishing your kitchen with space-saving minimalist storage while adding more appealing touch. Make sure you know the exact size of remaining space to consider whether the cabinet you are going to purchase fit in that space.