Modern Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Apartments


Designing apartment can be a challenging thing especially you have got a limited space apartment. There are several modern minimalist interior design ideas for apartments that can be applied for all types of apartments, even the tiniest studio apartments. There are some rules to follow to make your apartment interior design more efficient in every single inch.

Many people are probably looking for some smart ways to enhance the space in their apartment. Maybe, so are you. It can be easier if you live in a larger apartment. On the other hand, if you live in a small studio apartment, you need to get some inspiring ideas on how to design one area for more than one purpose. Sometimes, you need to divide one area for three-function living room, dining area, and kitchen. Some interior design ideas for apartments in this article might help you to make it easier.

Smart Interior Design Ideas for Apartments with Modern Minimalist Look

  1. Front / Main Area

Interior Design Ideas for Apartments Front Main Area

Front/ main area is usually used for living room, dining area, and open kitchen. Here, the best color application should be well planned. The combination between white and grey will help the area to look larger and open. Grey sectional sofa with minimalist coffee table is the best alternative to furnish your limited space. The living room can serve two functions. You can make it as a place to host your guests and also to watch TV. This is the most effective arrangement for small apartment which is usually recommended in many interior design ideas for apartments. Use a minimalist TV stand to save more space. Wall mounted TV stands can be considered to be part of your living room apartment. Behind the sectional sofa, you can design a minimalist dining area. Choose a simple rectangular wooden table and pair it with minimalist bar stools. It looks like a dining area in many cafe or coffee shops. It will look minimalist, simple, yet really eye-catching and modern.

  1. Open Kitchen

Interior Design Ideas for Apartments Open Kitchen

The best kitchen concept for apartment, especially small apartment is an open kitchen. When you enter the main area, the open kitchen is a part of this area which is totally explored. So, all elements in the kitchen should be well arranged. Minimalist kitchen cabinet should be in an integrated color that comes in a harmony with the living room. Kitchen Island is an additional element. If you decide to add it into your kitchen, it should be versatile and space-saving.

  1. Bedroom

Interior Design Ideas for Apartments Bedroom

Interior design ideas for apartments usually emphasizes on the space-saving concept. Space-saving bedroom furniture has been available in a wide types and designs. One of smart bedroom furniture for apartment bedroom is wall bed. This is really profitable if your goal is saving space. Whenever you don’t sleep, you can fold the bed against the wall. Another element is wall mounted shelf. These bedroom complements are highly recommended to add in your apartment bedroom.

All things about apartment interior designs are really interesting to discuss. Currently, interior design ideas for apartments are getting more creative and easier to apply. These ideas are supported by sophisticated small space-friendly furniture that allows the small space dwellers live in more comfortable dwells.