40+ Ideas about Build a Modern Kitchens Designs


There is uniqueness if you pay attention to mid-century modern homes, living room and kitchen separated by a wall. Almost mid-century modern homes have it! However, this interior design can be changed and adapted according to taste. Make the modern kitchens designs to look spacious and minimalist is very possible. Even if you build a kitchen with a minimalist concept, it wont lessen its elegance.

Maybe you are curious, lets take a moment to discuss mid century modern kitchen!

Normally, the living room in mid-century modern home has a wall separating it from the kitchen. This is a natural thing! If you do not love this idea, its okay to get rid of or replace it with a chalkboard countertops for an interesting touch. Give the kitchen a modern twist by replacing the essential elements such as flooring, appliances, cabinets and aluminum windows. Even so, keep the original architectural concept in order to remain a special appeal.

Please take a look at this kitchen design, there are a lot of differences, right? The kitchen, dining area and living room, in that picture share the same space, but have a separate area and unified impression. The kitchen is using a modern decor, but able to display industrial impression. The kitchen decorated with a simple metal island, the open storage give industrial influence, as well as pendant lamps.

Another reference is the image above. There is no wall separating the living room and the kitchen. It is a simple concept, yet looks exotic with furniture made of wood. Moreover, wood elements bring warmth and elegance to the modern decor, but the color of the kitchen and the living room must match or integrated well.

This is the last one of mid century modern kitchen. Look at the picture above, it looks amazing, right? However, make sure the kitchen area is large enough and design a dining area with L-shaped concept by put a stylish bench and chairs.