Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples


The minimal concept of a design is also applied to the bathroom, called a minimal bathroom. The concept is elegant although it has smaller space. Elegant in essence and sophisticated in the decoration is the key to building it. A minimalist design can be really beautiful and it can be accomplished through the skillful art of subtraction.

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Here, you will find the sample designs of the interior bathroom. Some people are confused with the concept that they want to apply. But actually, you can boost your creativity to make your own design. Just by seeing the design sample, you can then get your own design. Or, you can just apply the design that you just see.

Ideas for minimal bathroom

The ideas of the minimal bathroom will be provided here. You may get the inspiration from the sample below.

The first design is to choose your own color ideas. Choose the color for the floor and the tiles. For a calm design that shows cool personality, you can choose white color and combine it with the shades of grey or black. The materials that you can use are such as marble or particular stones. Adding some granite also can be your choice.

You can also choose to abolish the bright color inside the structural compartment, but make sure to suit with other areas.

And for you who like a colorful design but still showing the calm personality, you can try to choose pastel shades. It will be so much relaxing when you see the pastel color in your bathroom.

You may provide some important furniture inside the minimal bathroom such as sanitary wares. Try to get them in particular shape such as rectangular. You will also need futuristic sinks or countertop washbasin.  Don’t forget to choose the material for the furniture. You can choose the one that made of wood or stone.

The other design sample is to set the practical and large shower. To make it more attractive, try to choose crystal wall. Or if you dare, try to see the one to completely abolish the shower box that likes the spa. You can choose to have bathtub or not. If you like to relax in a warm water, then choose tub because it can work for that.

If you want the hot water automatically, then choose the proper heat system. Choose the radiators or heating elements with particular shapes. Select the one that simultaneously performs a practical and has an aesthetical work in your minimal bathroom.

And the most important thing is about the lighting system. You should design it in an accurate way. Choose the lamp color because it will affect the bathroom looks at night. You can use LED elements of the lighting system. Besides, adding a mirror with integrated light is also recommended.

If you choose the mirror, try to place it in a proper way ad proper place. After everything set, try to look it from different perspectives, if it is okay then you are done. Now your minimal bathroom can be used. Add some perfume to make give fresh air and good smell in your bathroom.