How Many Cost to Add A Bathroom in Minimalist Design?


Designing a bathroom should you do to create your perfect bathroom. There are many things should be considered in making your bathroom. One of them is by knowing how many costs to add a bathroom in your house.

How Many Cost to Add A Bathroom in Minimalist Design?

The way in counting a bathroom design is simple. You can apply some tricks to minimize your cost in adding or renovating your bathroom. By doing so, you just need small cost. Here some tricks to do it.

Tricks to Minimize Cost To Add A Bathroom

Clean bathroom makes us feel at home and happy. If your bathroom is not comfortable to use, it could be because the crust is difficult to clean, maybe renovation is the answer. To renovate a small bathroom / narrow approximately 160 x140 cm required cost + / – Rp 5 million.

So that spending is not too heavy, try looking for a store that can be paid by installing without interest. If it is possible, shopping at the building materials shop is needed. So, the cost to add a bathroom will you know

To design your bathroom, here are the steps:

  1. Determine the feel of the bathroom color you like. Whether blue, cream or any color. You can choose cream to make your bathroom bright.
  2. Find a wall and floor tiles that match the patterns and colors you like.
  3. Select the closet with the shape you like, with a matching color with the wall. Match colors do not mean blue walls; others must be all blue. Wait for next article about color.
  4. It is better to use shower closet than bucket & bucket, so it looks better and does not bother having to clean the bucket.
  5. Shower options a lot, there are only stuck to the wall only. There is also a can on the wall and lifted. You can select the two functions.
  6. Choose a waterproof door, to be durable. So do not bother having to change again because porous door exposed to water. Do not forget the matching door color.
  7. Accessories: Choose a good clothes hanger; you can select your favorite brand. Do not forget to think about the soap and shampoo. Mirrors may be added if you like.
  8. After all the ingredients are ready, find an experienced carpenter to make the bathroom. You can install ceramic, drains, water heater. In experienced carpenters make the cost so swollen.

By considering all the tricks above, you can get a small cost to add a bathroom in your house. So be careful to choose a handyman. costs to add a bathroom how much does it cost and bedroom addition basement in attic garage home average house shower half 2012 dormer room closet california commercial construction diy detached exhaust fan extension ensuite extra existing space from scratch full second floor plumbing for general over small window outlet sink electrical another master new nz on outdoor pool the an typical upstairs uk vent yourself san diego los angeles australia your old about shed bonus condo two bedrooms basic bathtub finish dies get permit would my will onto story with what is price per square foot what’s of adding.