Making DIY Wall Painting Tree and Follows


Adding wall painting tree and follows to your rooms at home can somehow create an artsy look. Besides, it can also make your home livelier and attractive rather than the plain walls do. However, getting someone to come and paint your walls will require some amount of money. So, why don’t you try to do it yourself, instead? It is not as difficult as you might think. Let’s check the steps below.

DIY Wall Painting Tree and Follows in Five Steps

  1. Find the right design

Wall Painting Tree and Follows

It is somehow important to match the wall painting tree and follows with the major theme of your room. What should be matched here refers to the colors and designs. To help you with this, you can make use of internet to find the inspirations from other people who have similar home theme as yours. As alternative, you can consult with a home designer to decide colors and designs for the wall paintings in your rooms.

  1. Prepare the wall

Prepare the wall

After finding the suitable design for the room, the next thing that you have to do is preparing the wall. It is a good idea to make sure that your wall is clean, dry, and flawless with no cracks. If you find some cracks on the wall, spackle them carefully. In addition, just notice if there are some dirt, grease, mold, and any stains on it and remove them all. By keeping the wall clean and flawless, you won’t find an obstacle in installing wall painting tree and follows on it. When the wall is ready, then you need to prime it. This aims to make the paint easily stick to the wall.

  1. Make an outline

Make an outline

Having found the right design and prepared the wall as well, the next step is making a drawing outline. To do this, use chalks to ease you erase wrong lines when drawing. Make sure that your wall is not wet during the process. When outlining, try to draw concisely based on your wall’s size. Therefore, it won’t seem too big or too small once it is done. Remember, this doesn’t require a specific skill of drawing. Just draw as similar as the design you have found.

  1. Prepare the art supplies

Prepare the art supplies

As you are about to give an art touch to your wall, prepare some brushes in any sizes and paints with different colors. To begin with, bold the drawing outline with the dominant color that you are going to fill it with. This is to avoid creating wrong lines in your wall painting tree and follows. If you are on a budget, get the smaller container of paints from the hardware store.

  1. Do the finishing

Do the finishing wall paint

After finish coloring your drawing, you need to make sure that it is well protected. Thus, it remains good over time. Well, the final step is to seal it by applying an isolation coat and varnish. Try to not use the glossy vanish because it can make your room get dazzled.

Voila! You finally have made wall painting tree and follows by yourself. It surely brings the special touch based on your preference.