Making Colorful Bathroom Trash Can With Lid Ideas


Bathroom trash can with a lid that we usually find in the market is one color only. Although some of the colors are suited with your bathroom design, there is nothing wrong to make it colorful and exciting. Colorful here means it has more than one color and decorative.

So it means not only color only but also the design. You can make it one line with your bathroom design and color. You can also make it different but match with the bathroom design. Here some ideas to create the bathroom trash can that suit with your imagination.

Simple design ideas

Before explaining some ideas of colorful bathroom trash can with lid, the first thing you should notice is to consider the color of the design with the bathroom design. The simple design idea is polka dot design pattern. If you have one major color in your bathroom, this is suitable for you.

Bathroom Trash Can With Lid Simple Ideas

For example, if you have white designed bathroom, you can make the thrash with basic white color and another color for the dot such as blue or green. You can use black and white for the polka dot pattern if you have white, black, gray or the combination of these colors.

Create the polka dot with your ideas. Other ideas are mountains pattern, stripes, or simple doodle with some big animation. Simple doodle with some text that supporting clean and healthy life also possible. You can also create the abstract design using a right color combination that matches with the bathroom color. Particularly for the lid, you can create it differently.

Creative design ideas

The creative ideas for bathroom trash can with lid are including colorful doodles and self-pattern creation. Colorful doodles can be painted by using pencil first and then paint the color. If your bathroom design has strong blue color, you can combine the blue doodle with black color. For a cream and white bathroom, the combination of any color is fine. But keep in mind to choose the one that suits each other.

Bathroom Trash Can With Lid Creative Ideas

Self-pattern creation is your pattern. For example, if your bathroom is colored blue or green, you can paint it with the pattern such as leaves in different styles, flowers, and branch. For a luxury design, try to create a vintage pattern. A colorful vintage pattern can be created with any color as you want. No matter the vintage theme, you can always use it as the design of your bathroom trash can with lid amazon walmart white bin locking brown bronze chrome wicker slim decorative primitive modern wooden stainless steel brushed nickel oil rubbed small swing bags cheap cover commercial clipart dimensions ebay for green home depot holder ideas ikea metal makeover plastic liner size sets smell simplehuman target west elm waste garbage canada cans lids .