Magnificent Spanish Style Bathroom


As we all know, there are too many design and style of the bathroom. One of them is Spanish style bathroom that looks so awesome and presenting a unique look. The bathroom style casual, welcoming and comfortable developed through many centuries in the Mediterranean Sea border.The culture combination results in an elegant make the bathroom live and outstanding.

Magnificent Spanish Style Bathroom

The Spanish style has a unique feature that relatively consistent for centuries. It is because of their utility, attractiveness or versatility. One of the main characteristics is bold color use as the signature trait of Spanish-style bathroom design. The natural beauty appears on the bright, colors of the sea, sky, earth, and sun that represent the world all like the color palette for Spanish-style design. The combination is very amazing and adorable.

The characteristic of Spanish style bathroom

There are several characteristics make the Spanish style bathroom different and unique than another style. Let’s check it out.

  1. Arches

It is a common element that found in Spanish style, and they bring some traditional charm. The arch space could be the perfect spot for a large mirror or to put the potted plants also candles to make the room beautiful.

  1. Terra Cotta Tiles

Bright tiles are also the characteristic to avoid from looking dull or boring. If you need an attracting one, you can mix and match different tile pattern for a more eclectic style.

  1. Wooden walls

Maybe wooden wall looks so odd, but it creates an elegant atmosphere that unique. The wood combination will work well with various colors, which look so natural and reliable.

  1. Darker Wooden Details.

A vintage look with darker wood will give an appealing look. You will apply it to the several types of furniture like bathroom cabinets or wooden shutters in the dark.

  1. Mixed color

Don’t be afraid to mix and match many different colors. Earthy tones are very recommended like a bright color of blue, green, orange and yellow.

  1. Lighting.

A chandelier can be a great combination to a Spanish bathroom. You will choose the modern or vintage style for the lighting depending on the look you want.

  1. Floor and wall tile

The standard color that used is burnt orange and rusty red hues. Besides that, terracotta tile is also ready in a wide selection of colors.

So, don’t be hesitated to remodel your home with Spanish style bathroom. You will use your imagination to make it look so impressing and also comfortable. Choose the high-quality material and get the natural beauty of the world color through it. spanish style bathroom vanities mirrors tiles sinks light fixtures accessories remodel ideas and decor lighting bathrooms design photos pictures faucets cabinets colors furniture pinterest sconces designs guest home modern small images of old master mission tile colonial bath wall uk kitchen companies in pakistan inspired.