Lowes Small Bathroom Vanity Brings A New Look For Your House


Having a minimalist bathroom force us to think with creativity to make it look so awesome although just a small space that left for something new. If you want to put a vanity, the lowest small bathroom vanity will help you to solve the problem. It will make you easier to create the bathroom that you want, although it’s your very first project or experienced in remodeling your bathroom.

bathroom vanity cabinets lowes small bathroom design

Lowes Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you are renovating your bathroom by applying a lowes small bathroom vanity, it is a smart idea to maintain the hygiene. As we all know, vanity is a cupboard that completed with a sink and countertop that will make it more attractive and stylish.

The combination of the two kinds of this item will give a great purpose for your lovely bathroom. Besides you will wash your hands, you will also save another thing inside. Before buying this item, you will read this reference first to make sure about something that you need:

  1. Small floating vanity

If you just have a small space and there is not enough space for a great cabinetry, the floating design is also excellent for you. You will put it on the wall combining the sink with the cabinet storage that has a small size but has the same functions with the bigger one.

  1. Open-shelf storage

Metal frame and wood cabinet give this vanity a chic look that perfectly mixes both modern and traditional design. Vanities with open shelves combined with one storage. You will put the towels on the shelf, and besides that, the storage will also hide cleaning supplies and toiletries.

  1. Corner vanity

For a minimal space, the shallow and narrow design idea is beneficial. The corner vanity is completed with attractive features like framed door, splayed legs, sink, drawer and arched apron space.

  1. Round of it

The shape is like a conga drum that provides a  narrow base that takes up minimal floor space plus ceramic sink. The curved cabinet will help you to keep the toiletries and space below for storing towels.

The lowes small bathroom vanity will give you benefit, and it is beneficial. For your small space, make sure the size that you want to buy it with the left space and function well. Don’t forget to choose the durable and best quality design that suitable for the style of your bathroom. Let’s grab one of them in Lowes guys.