17 Ideas about Living Roof DIY for Your House


Do you want to have living roofing? Find out how to make them on your own with living roof DIY.

Living roof DIY is a great option for you who want to create living roof on your own. Living roof or usually as known as green roof is a very good choice to be used in your house. It will not only bring joy to your house because you get to see amazing view everyday but it also has many function, such as providing insulation and absorbing water. When you live in the city, your view is only buildings or skyscrapers and you must be bored to see them every day; therefore, living roof will be able to refresh your day; furthermore, if you have limited space to have garden space, this could be an alternative way to have simple garden.

If you want to create living roof on your own, there are several things that you need to have first to support your action such as nails or hammers. First, you need to have a normal flat or sloped roof. Then, before putting anything, you need to make sure that your roof is strong. The next step is choosing the right plants. Living roof requires no ordinary plants; therefore, you have to choose the plant which is designed for green roof. After that you need to cover the roof.

If you have finished covering the roof, the next step is draining and root shopping. This step is very easy, you only need to pour the bags of grail and then brush into place, roll over the root membrane and add more gravel in order to strengthen the root membrane. After it has finished, you need to keep the moisture in by adding some soil and compost. Then, you need to install or grow the plants. When you plan the plants, you need to create some space between plants because you need to let them spread. That is all you the steps that you need to do, now, you only have to wait for them to grow.

To conclude, living roof is an amazing choice for anyone who want to create living roof on your own. The steps are quite easy to be done and also by having living roof, you will receive several advantages as well, such as beautiful view and it can absorb water easily. You will have environmentally friendly structure and can save the environment without you even realize it by applying living roof DIY for your house.