Every Light in the House is On


A light house exists since many years ago. It has important functions since the very first time. Time flies and also architectures that evolve well.

Every Light in the House is On

Sometimes, we forget about some things that have an impressive history behind them. Many things exist since hundred even thousand years ago but still exist until now because its functions. For example is a light house. This thing definitely has its own history and also its own function. For the first appearance, the building was used as navigational aid for maritime function. Because of its important functions, this kind of houses widely used and also improve with new technology. Want know more about it? Find out more on this article, fellas. By getting the information, you will get more knowledge and experience to share about it.

Light House’s New Technology and Improvement

Since the very first time light house exist until nowadays, it has many improvements. Before have so many improvements with new technology, ancient light building functioned more as an entrance marker to the port. So, light buildings are one of symbols if there is a port or a harbor. But now, it functioned more than just as an entrance marker but also as a warning signal for reefs. In order to do those functions, modern light buildings built with efficient lightening equipment, larger and more powerful.

Because light house should provide light to do its functions, lightening improvements should also do well. Many inventors contribute to find the best lightning technology, such as Aime Argrand, who was invented the Argrand Lamp in 1782. The Argrand Lamp used vegetable oil as its fuel. The first produced of The Argrand Lamp was in 1784 and became the minimum standard for light buildings. Another inventor like Arthur Kitson also improved lightning technology with vaporized oil burner, which is improved by David Hood. Last but not least, Gustaf Dalen, who was invented Dalen Light and Sun Valve. Especially for Sun Valve, it can automatically regulate the light and it became the newest lighting technology for lighthouses from 1900s through 1960s.

Like the lightning improvements, optical systems also have improvements. The first practical opticam system was found in 1763 by William Hutchinson. Then, there is another inventor, Augustin-Jean Fresnel, who was found The Fresnel Lens. The Fresnel lens has thinner form than conventional lens and it was used in 1823 for the first time. Besides optical systems improvements, design of light house also has many improvements. To build light buildings, the best designer used trigonometric formula. The usual design of this kind of building is the lamp must be placed as high as possible because it is very important thing. In the 20th century, houses used a prefabricated skeletal iron or steel structures.

With those improvements, the houses are used an advanced technology nowadays. Now, these kinds of buildings are not only functioned as a marker for navigation but also for tourism destination. Many buildings like this are built with different symbols and culture. For example, in the United States, there is a National Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, which are celebrated on the first weekend on august. Automatically, the light house is open to public and be a tourism destination. Want to visit modern one of this beautiful building?