Latest Bedroom Design 2017, Incorporating Different Styles and Elements


There are some unique ideas and designs for the latest bedroom design 2017. Some are still incorporating the classic and traditional concept, of course with a tad mixture of modern and contemporary elements. Some, however, incorporate a completely new idea and concept. Here are some of the inspirations that will transform your bedroom into a stylish and fashionable crib without you having to spend a fortune.

Some of the Inspirations for Latest Bedroom Design 2017

Don’t throw your old stuff. Some of them can be a fashionable comeback if you know how to use them or how to re-style them. If you have creative hands, some of the old and worn items and furniture can be retouched or repurposed in the latest bedroom design 2017 so they will look new and will be ideal for your new bedroom design.

  1. Surrealism

Latest Bedroom Design 2017 Surrealism

Sometimes going all harmonious and matching can be boring so why not mixing everything up? Mixing the colors, patterns, or texture may look odd but that’s the idea of surrealism, anyway. Elevated tiled bed with green and cream color will look great with black and white steps, blue electric bedside table, green bedcover, and blue curtain. The mixture may seem wild and odd but that’s the whole idea, anyway. Instead of creating one focal point, the surrealism theme is created to make everything stand out. Geometric patterns, colorful hues, and bold patterns are all included in the theme.

  1. Industrial Theme

Latest Bedroom Design 2017 Industrial Theme

Industrial theme has never gone old but it is included in the latest bedroom design 2017 with a slight addition. Exposed brick walls or tiled walls in the original color will look great with wooden floor and furniture with metallic legs. Add a little dark gray sectional rug and stainless steel wardrobe or cabinet and you will achieve a natural and masculine outcome.

  1. Concrete Wall

Latest Bedroom Design 2017 Concrete Wall

You would be surprised to know that even a concrete wall can create a stylish bedroom. You don’t have to add anything to the wall, just leave it bare and plain as the way it is. After all, it is the idea of exposing the concrete texture, anyway. Simply pair it with the traditional wooden furniture, like wooden bed, wooden bedside table, and wooden wardrobe. Add a little bit of bright color so the room won’t be gloomy. Yellow bedcover or red armchair will be a good addition.

  1. A Careful Mess

Latest Bedroom Design 2017 A Careful Mess

If you want to tune into the latest bedroom design 2017, this idea is super catchy. It looks like a mess but it is actually carefully laid and managed to look like one. You can say that it is carefully arranged mess. This idea may be ideal for those who have large book collections and have hard times managing them. Why not stacking them inside the bedroom? Stack a pile n the bedside table and top it off with the asymmetrical lamp. Stack them on the bedroom stool, and have another pile underneath. If the books are colorful, the effect will be even more dramatic.

There are still more options for different kinds of styles and themes. Make sure that you know what you want. The ideas for the latest bedroom design 2017 will improve your personal living space without a fuss.