Kitchen Cupboard Designs, the Smart Ways to Elevate the Look


There are various simple and yet catchy kitchen cupboard designs that can spark up your kitchen and make it look different. Most homeowners are hopeless when they have to deal with the kitchen layout and design because the cupboard set looks almost similar to one another. However, there are some ways to improve their loo, although it takes extra effort from you. No, you don’t have to be a professional painter or a skilled carpenter to do some changes. Doing a little tad work can transform the whole look.

Kitchen Cupboard Designs, the Small Things that Matter

No need to buy yourself an extra expensive cupboard or cabinet set. Even your regular and worn cabinets will look different with an extra work on your part. Of course, feel free to choose a different and customized design if you have the budgets. But even if you don’t, there are still smart alternatives of kitchen cupboard designs for you to get everything done.

  • The Different Color

Kitchen Cupboard Designs Different Color

Have you ever tried having a cupboard cabinet with a completely different color palette from the rest of the kitchen? Let’s say that you have a white kitchen and having an electric blue cabinet will immediately turn the area into a focal point. Playing with colors is one of the simplest and yet most effective ways in kitchen cupboard designs. Choosing a contrast color will create an immediate and dramatic effect. Not only it enhances the cupboard design, it will also turn the spot into the main focus of attention.

  • The Raised Panels

Kitchen Cupboard Designs Raised Panels

If you have a rather limited space, the raised panels can be an ideal option. Basically, it is the wall mounted cabinets with a compact and simple design. It usually comes with the regular countertops but there are also cabinets with the wall mounted structure. It creates clean lines and the usage of the wall space is just smart. This is one of the most creative kitchen cupboard designs that you can choose for your kitchen if you have small room.

  • The Added Texture

Kitchen Cupboard Designs Added Texture

Are you bored with the old school and regular cupboard design? Do you feel like buying a new one and yet you are rather short on the money? No need to worry; why not turning your old cupboard by having a different texture? Instead of the plain and glossy texture, why not sanded the whole surface, give it a sealant or a gloss, and there you have it. If you want to paint it with another color, that would be even better. Adding textures to your old and worn cabinets will definitely refresh its look.

  • The Unique Design

Kitchen Cupboard Unique Design

So you have a white or a brown wooden cabinet and you are getting bored with it. Paint the inside background area with a bold and bright color, change the doors with the glass panels, and voila! You have a new looking cabinet without spending a fortune. The seemingly simple and boring white cupboard will look fresh and different with the green or yellow wall background.

Feel free to buy yourself a new set if you have the money. But if you don’t, some of these creative ideas will definitely spark up your old and tired cabinets. After all, implementing these kitchen cupboard designs isn’t so difficult, is it?