Kitchen Color Trends for Cabinet and Wall


Following the kitchen color trends is the simplest and most affordable way that a home owners can do to increase the style in the cooking room. You do not need to paint the whole area in the room with a new color. To lower the expense, you just have to focus on the color of wall and cabinet because both areas are very important in the cooking room. The color on the wall and kitchen cabinet should contrast so that both colors stand out. It will be so exhausting if you have to replace the tile backlash on wall or floor in the kitchen. Thus you need to pick the simple way by repainting the wall and cabinet.

You need to decide the style in the room first before you pick the color. If your room is created in country decoration, you need to have two colors which represent the casual and country characters. Most country kitchens are decorated with blue and white or blue and yellow. You can decorate the wall in white color, while the cabinet in crown blue color. Or you can pick the wall color in sunny yellow, while the cabinet in pale blue. If you want to enjoy a modern shabby chic style in the kitchen color trends, you can choose the off white palette for the wall color.

The kitchen cabinet with modular design can be repainted in fuchsia or hot pink. It can make the kitchen cabinet stand out. The people who only want the kitchen to look masculine can choose the black and white combo. You can have the wall painted in solid white color. The cabinet can be repainted in semi glossy black. The frame and trim can be painted in metallic accent to create edgy feeling in kitchen color trends.