How to Paint Melamine Cabinets


You may wonder how to paint melamine cabinets because it may need some different ways. As we now that melamine is a well-known synthetic material that mostly used in the furniture industry. One of the examples is that it is usually used to cover the economical chipboard panels. It then will go to compose many products such as mobile and cabinet.

How to Paint Melamine Cabinets

Actually, it is a pleasing housewife. But it is so easy to get scratched up and chippings. If it happens, then the shining surface will be ruined. We may hate to see it because the scratch has ruined the look.

In fact, we can replace the scratched part and repaint the whole furniture in a quick and clean way. It may become something new for you, so you need some guidance.

Below is the way that will help you to paint it.

Preparation and tools before paint melamine cabinets

Before you pain it, preparation is needed. Make sure that you have these tools in your hand. They are the plastic sheet or newspaper sheet, Primer, adhesive tape, and sandpaper with fine grain. But that’s not enough, you also need a brush, water, fixative or wax and two-component polyurethane finishing paint.

How to paint

To paint melamine cabinets is just like painting as usual. But there are some tips that will make the painting more effective for you.

First, spraying cabinet is preferable. But you can also use a fine little roller especially to create a near-perfect finishing. Don’t forget to cover the cabinets with the plastics for several weeks. Be patient because the result will be so amazing.

It is always important to protect the surrounding area where you will work by covering with the newspaper or plastic sheet. You should also remember that the main merit of the melamine paper will make it impossible to paint directly.

In addition, when you paint melamine cabinets, use a primer that will make the surface rougher. Just use a couple layers of a primer for it. Avoid to sanding it and just let it dry. If it does not satisfy you after dried out for 4 hours, just sand afterward with sandpaper.

When you are about to finish it, put two-component polyurethane finishing paint. It will give you more durability. For the best result, you may use a spray paint. It will be so useful because it will work to avoid the unattractive streaks.

You may also conclude a fixative layer. Or if it doesn’t sound good to you, use the wax that will make the cabinet looks shiny. It is also washable above all.

When you are about to paint melamine cabinets, you may also think to combine some colors. If you have already known how to paint it in a proper way, then you can easily paint it whenever you want. Choose some color that will make you fresh or happy. You can also try to create some artistic paint if you can.

Once you know how to paint melamine cabinets, then you are free to paint your cabinet at any time you want.