How to Paint and Decorate An Old Furniture In Formica


Not many of us may think again about decorating an old furniture in Formica. This is because Formica is no longer familiar. Just for your information, Formica is a material that almost no longer to be used again in the furniture industry. Nowadays, the furniture industry uses the other materials that benefit the company much.

How to Paint and Decorate An Old Furniture In Formica

But, if you still have it in your home, you certainly want to make it have a new look. And to realize it, you can paint it with the color that you want. Once you successfully do it, your furniture will look new and stunning.

Your problem is probably that you don’t know how to paint it well. Painting this old furniture needs to follow the right procedure and technique. See the guidelines here to help you in painting Formica.

Tools to decorate an old furniture in Formica.

Before you decorate an old furniture in Formica, it is better to prepare the tools and everything you need. The first thing you need id furniture glazing. Then prepare stencil, brushes, and acrylic or oil colors.

Probably you need something else that you would like to add. Just prepare it so you can focus on the painting later.

The painting procedures

First of all, you need to clean up the furniture. Make sure that you clean it up from the dust and the other residues. It is important to clean it because the clean furniture affects the durability of the paint.

After cleaning it up, choose the type of enamel that you would like to use. You can try to choose a glossy effect, semi-glossy, or opaque. Pass it to the cabinet to give homogeneity and give better look.

By doing the way, your Formica will look better. If you don’t like the decorations you can just let it dry. But if like it or want to change the appearance completely, then switch to the stencils.

To apply the stencils, you need to know the procedures too. First, apply the stencil while holding it firmly. Use the adhesive tape to help you. Then tap the color in the stencil spaces. Choose a vibrant paint that you would like to have.

To decorate an old furniture in Formica, you can do it with a stencil. Complete the details with the brush. The brush will be good to be used in the particular area such as in the furniture legs and the edges.

You can also practice the other technique. Let’s say you want some Scandinavian style, you can start it with taking some color with the tip or brush. Make sure that the color you take is the right color. After that, place the brush on a point on the surface. Exert slight pressure and be careful when you are doing it.

Keep doing it until you get the design that you won’t have created. It is important to prepare the concept of the image before you create, just to avoid mistakes. Play with the color until you see that the way decorate an old furniture in Formica can be seen into a beautiful furniture.