How to Make Order in Kitchen: 5 IKEA Solutions


Many people always ask how to make an order in the kitchen for many purposes. The big reason is that they want their kitchen look so great by setting up the kitchen’s appliances and furniture. Sometimes, ordering the kitchen is hard especially if you don’t usually order something. Besides, ordering kitchen needs to consider many things so that it will have great looks.

How to make an order in the kitchen based on IKEA

If you don’t have any idea to help you order your kitchen, you can order your kitchen by following the solutions below. The solutions offered by IKEA, one of the biggest furniture companies in this world.

How to make an order in the kitchen based on IKEA

There are five solutions that offered by IKEA in this one. You can apply the ones that suit your kitchen.

  1. Using kitchen drawers

One of the IKEA’s characteristic is to provide the drawers for their kitchen cabinet. And to make an order in the kitchen you can simply use the drawers as the kitchen’s appliances’ place. Keep the things in order because usually, the drawers are getting bigger from the top.

  1. Kitchen cupboards

You can use the kitchen cupboards to save the dishes and other things. It also usually has the divider that will suit you to put the proper things there. IKEA has its own model and you can choose the one that has spacious part or the one with the unusual shape.

  1. Setting the garbage and waste collection

The next ordering kitchen ideas are to keep the garbage and waste collection in order kitchen. Although garbage is not a good thing to be seen, it must be there so your kitchen will always look clean. To deal with this, you can put the garbage under the sink. This will camouflage the existence of the garbage.

  1. Spices holder

In every kitchen, there must be spices and it should be handy so it will ease the one who is about to cook. Creating the spice in handy shape sometimes very confusing.

But you can order your kitchen idea by using the wall tubular container. It will be perfect for you mainly if you know to choose the design.

  1. Handy tools

Handy tools represent many things here including a spoon, ladle or grater. You can choose to have a place for them in the wall that closes among other things. A magnetic hang is also can be your choice.

After you read the recommendations from the IKEAS above, you may have an idea to set your kitchen. But please keep in mind that to order it you need to consider your own room and the design that you have applied before.

When you need to buy the storage for your kitchen stuff, do not forget to choose the one that has high quality and also the color is neutral. Or for a better result, choose the one that has similar color with the kitchen design.

After you make an order in the kitchen, don’t forget to recheck and keep looking to check if the ordering is right or not.