How to Make a Mural at Home


To make a mural at home can be the best way to express your passion for art, especially for you who are interested in drawing. A drawing will be great to colorize and also decorate the room of the house. For you who have children, some wall paintings will make them feel more comfortable to spend time in their room due to the artistic look of the room.

Besides, many adult people commonly also like the look of art exists around them. The existence of wall painting in your house can be a good solution for you and your family members to have a touch of life and light at home. Hence, to make a mural at home will be the perfect way to embellish every room of your lovely home.

simple painting wall murals ideasWhen you need to decorate the room for the old ones, such as your grandparents, you can put some classic pictures on the wall. It will be suitable for them. However, if you want to make a decorative room for your children, you can provide some special designs or famous fairytale characters on the wall. Those wall paintings will fit the children about the kinds of painting they may like.

To make an attractive wall painting like mural is not difficult. On the other hand, you should pay attention to any small things which can make the results incompletely good. So, here are the detailed ways to make it happen.

The best ways to follow to make a mural at home

  1. Decide walls

For the first way, it is, of course, you should choose the wall in which you want to draw. Choose what you need to decorate. To get the perfect results, you are better to choose the wall without water and solid. The most important thing is to choose the well-structured wall.

  1. Clean

Before drawing anything on it, you should make sure that it is clean. When there are some dirty spots or drops, it is better for you to remove or brush a coat of white paint to make a clear surface. Thus, it can give a perfect backdrop for the design or creation of the drawing.

  1. Make a draft

This part is so important as the beginning of a painting. Before applying the draft on the wall, you can make it first on the paper. After it is done, then you can modify and improve it when you have decided the draft you want to implement on the wall.

  1. Draw on the wall

After deciding which painting to implement from the draft, then you can draw it directly on the wall. It is better to use a pencil first to draw on the wall so that you can manage the painting until it seems proportioned to color.

  1. Check the painting from distance

After finishing drawing using a pencil, you need to move away from the wall and take a look. You can just get an overview of the drawing an outline of the design and evaluate whether there are any disproportionate silhouettes or not. When you see no errors there, you can clear some unused line to make it look easier to color.

  1. Color the drawing

After all, steps before are well-finished, now it is time for you to color it. For coloring the wall, it will be better for you to use acrylic paints and spray cans. Those are great to make the paintings look attractive because they give you a chance to make points of shade or small nuances with those tools. However, to make the painting look completely interesting, you are suggested to avoid any accumulations of color since it will be possible to reduce the proportionate look of the painting.

Since to make a mural at home is one of the important ways to embellish your home, let’s make it happen with our lovely painting. Don’t forget to make it carefully and accurately so that the results will be satisfying for you and everyone sees it.