How to Install a Garage Door


Let’s learn about how to install a garage door! Some people have a garage to keep their vehicles like a motorcycle or a car. On the other hand, they have a want to change or modify their garage door. So, surely, they need great information about it. We are going to explain the steps of installing a garage door clearly.

How to Install a Garage Door

How to install a garage door

Let’s paid attention to the steps of installing a garage door!

  • Check the cartridge

Before installing the garage door, it is important for you to check the cartridge carefully. In relation to that, you should check two factors. The first one is the flatness also the level from the bearing plane. The second one is the commissioning of the door bubble.

  • Check the assembly kit

In addition, at the mount of the garage door, there is an assembly kit. Actually, it must be checked first in order to evaluate all the tools which are useful for mounting. If there is something which is missed, that assembly cannot work well. In addition, you should also fix the pieces side. You are able to use screws which are suitable for the kit.

  • Adhere the clamps to the wall

Then, you will find also the clamps which are not bent. You are suggested to make those clamps adhere to the wall. Besides, you have to fix them to the dowels. When you have a model which the size is 3.000 millimeters, you need to fix a bracket to the ceilings.

  • Check the actual openability

The last step is that you have to check the actual openability of the garage door. You are able to oil the points of contact using the brake oil of a normal bicycle. It is better for you to know that this step is so significant. Thus, you must do that well.

Please remember that you should apply those steps of installing a garage door to all the doors of your house. However, it is also suggested for you to remove the door before it is changed. In a fact, it is used to avoid some residues of the garage door installation. In relation to the installation of a garage door, it could be a good project for you who are free in a weekend.

How to install a garage door

Besides those ways above, there are also three other methods of installing a garage door which you can do.

  1. Prepping to start work

The first one is that read all the instructions of the manufacturer. Then, you can make an inventory of the parts which you have. Please make sure the parts which are needed are available and then gather all the tools and the additional materials. Finally, you are able to provide the first panel of the garage door.

  1. Installing the garage door

Firstly, you should put the first panel in the doorway. Then, just put on the vertical, horizontal, and the curved parts of the track. After that, you need to install the vertical track. It can be done by sliding the rollers which are located on the first panel.

garage door opener installation cost lighthouse garage doors throughout installation garage door how to install a garage door rafael home bizThe next step is setting on the second panel to the top of the first panel. So, you can check the door and convince the vertical track is plumb. Besides, you are allowed to install the tracks of horizontal and curved.

  1. Finishing and checking the work

In this case, you have to clean the place which you use for installing a garage door. Moreover, you should make all of the fasteners tight. Don’t forget to check the door alignment which is secured completely.

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Well, those are the steps of how to install a garage door. Hopefully, it can be useful for you and you can do those steps without having difficulties. Even, we offer two kinds of step in installing the garage door. Thus, you are allowed to choose one of them which you want.