How to Decorate Your Old Bedroom in a Cheap Way


Decorating an old bedroom can cost very high and most of the people cannot even afford it. However, time flies fast and there are a lot of decorating ideas to make a change with your old bedroom in reasonable price. You can do the decorating process either by yourself or by the expert that might cost more expensive. Actually, how to decorate your old bedroom in a cheap way? Calm down and check this out, we have the tips on solving your panic without spending all of your money.

  1. First of all, choose a bedspread that was made of solid color. You can change the whole bed or just adding the things to complete the bed and beautify by using solid colors. For example the color of the bed is cream; you can add a dark brown blanket to make a classic accent.
  2. For the wall, you can hang some photographs with different size of the frame. Hang it randomly to make an artistic side. The frame is not always new, you can use the old and ancient frame with good condition.
  3. The next thing you can decorate your old bedroom in a cheap way is by painting the wall with two colors. It will be more interesting when you decide not to paint the entire wall with the same color. It avoids you having too much cost.
  4. If the bedroom is completed with one or two windows, you can make a curtain that is made of inexpensive fabric. For some stores, they sometimes hold a big sale that sells good quality of fabric with lower price.
  5. The last step you can do to decorate your old bedroom in a cheap way is by decorate the entire bedroom. It could be adding some accessories, hiring a mirror, and other decorative things you may add.