How to Create 3D Interior Design


Many people have a big desire to design and renovate their sweet home; especially they create the 3D interior design. In this new era, anyone can carry out their home’s architect by renovating their home as possible as they can. To do that, commonly they change or move the structure of their house or maybe their apartment. Besides, they can also move the order of the furniture they have.

How to Create 3D Interior DesignAbout creating a 3D interior design, there are some great services which permit to do that. It is so appropriate and has models which are realistic and beautiful to see. Also, the models are completed with the interior which looks charming.

Well, there are some easy steps of how to create the 3D interior design which can be your guiding in renovating your beautiful house:

  1. Draw the changes

The first step that you should do is that drawing all the changes which you want to make. It includes the structure of your house and also the order of the furniture in it.

  1. Check in the three-dimensional graphic

It means that the preview graphic. So, you can look the results that you have reached along the time. By doing this step, you will get well design in decorating your house.

  1. Download home 3D program

You can download this program from some links. You may select one link which you like. Then, you should download the program to your computer and install it. After installing based on the instructions which are in the wizard, you can start to create sweet home 3D. Make sure that the installation is complete well.

  1. Open sweet home 3D program

In this case, you will see that there are four parts on the screen of your computer. The first part is the top left window which has a complete catalog of the objects and also the furnishings. Then, the top right indicates the layout and the design of each room in your house. The third part is the window which is at the left bottom. It provides some lists of the furnishings which will add the complete room. Besides, it also contains the accent, the size and the characteristics of it. The last part is in the bottom right. You will find the 3D view

  1. Start designing

In this way, it is time for you to start designing the interior of your room as you desire. There are some instructions you should follow to start it. They are:

  • Click “file”

You can find it in the toolbar. Just find it at the top of the screen.

  • Then, select “create a new home”
  • Click “choose an image.”

After clicking it, there is an important thing you should do. It is to upload a floor plan which you have scanned. Then, you should also set the work scale just by moving the thick blue line which you will see to the side of the image.

  • Click “finish.”

After you finish the previous sections, just click finish and then follow the next instruction.

Moreover, after you select “finish,” there will appear a floor plan in the upper-right pane. Use “Create Walls” command that will let you add partition walls to arrange walls by clicking and dragging any items you want. Then, you can also arrange the interior by dragging doors, windows, and furniture easily by using the mouse and drag it in any directions.

Besides, there are some interesting ways to arrange any items when you create the 3D interior design. One of them is you can rotate any objects and move it just by clicking on it. Thus, it will be easy for you to make a good order for the interior you desire. Finally, when you finish arranging the interior order and complete the procedure, end your plan by clicking “Save” so that you can complete your interiors in three dimensions accurately.