History And The Origin Of A Gazebo


Did you know that the presence of a gazebo in the home can emit inspiration while relaxing and enjoying the landscape around? Even it can give maximum functionality when you build it with the right design.

What is a Gazebo? The word gazebo, derived from English (settled) and the latin ebo (will). Yet some opinions said that the word gazebo comes from the French que cest beau (very beautiful). The birth of gazebo actually been around since ancient Egypt about 2500 years BC. Previously, the gazebo is a small building that was around the garden as a place to worship the gods.

And now, Gazebo building is often referred to as the home supporters, as a place to relax near the porch. And, judging from its function, gazebo can be used for any activities that you need, as a place to sit / relax, dining room, prayer room, meeting place, even as a bathroom with a shower concept can be filled out by the gazebo itself.

Where is the appropriate place to place a gazebo?

Based from its function as a place to relax, gazebo fits in places such as in front of or behind the house. However, depending on the condition and the available space. If you have a spacious area, building a gazebo is certainly not a problem, just choose where to place it. However, if you are a homeowner with limited space, it is also not a problem. The most important thing is the element and its supporting structure which is in accordance with the specified rules. There are many form of gazebo such as rectangular, but some are shaped pentagon, hexagon, or octagon. And, there is a gazebo made ​​permanent or with knockdown system.

How about the materials of gazebo?

There are many materials used to make a gazebo, such as wood material, but did not rule out the use of other materials such as bamboo, stone, iron, aluminum, and others. As for the roof material you could use reeds, fibers, shingle, tile, fabric, or zinc.

What are complementary in the gazebo?

As a complement to attract your attention, you can add some lights with similar ornament with flower petals. For example, the lights strung on the inside of the gazebo roof. Its function not only as lighting, but with a unique shape and warm red color, it will beautify your gazebo.

Because there are many size of gazebo, then for a small garden, you can use the gazebo measuring 1.5 mx 2 m. And, at least the area of ​​the park will be filled preferably 90 m² to 100 m². However, if you have a extra wide garden, 300 m² for example, you could use three gazebos, each measuring 2 mx 2 m.

There are permanent and semi-permanent gazebo. For spacious garden, you can use permanent gazebo. But if your garden is not too large, you could use a semi permanent gazebo. Gazebo should not be located too close to the main building. Because, if its too close, the relaxing atmosphere can be lost. It can also interfere with aesthetic value. Not to mention, if there is rain water from the roof fell to the gazebo.

When placed in the front of the garden, a gazebo should not hinder your main door. Understandably, these conditions can disrupt the air flow to the door, and it also can block the view. You can place the gazebo near the pond, or near an artificial waterfall. The goal is that you can be more freely to enjoy the gazebo. And the final thing to remember, adjust the gazebo with your home design style.

Good luck in presenting a gazebo with good design and function to your home.