Great Ways of How to Decorate a Small Bathroom


How to decorate a small bathroom has to be a significant info that people need to create such a place which is not only functional but also comfortable and pleasant. For you who have a small bath, it is better for thinking of small bathroom decorating ideas.

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The Ideas of Bathroom Decor

As you want to know how to decorate a small bathroom, you ought to find small bathroom decorating ideas which may be useful to be applied by you.

  1. Color. White and tan might become the best color choice because they are types of bright color. Bright color helps to illuminate your room; it also could make an illusion of your bathroom space which will look larger than it is. These colors also will offer such a calm sense to your room.
  2. Storage. Do not install the hook for hanging your towel and clothes. This is not catchy. You would better install storage for storing your bathroom utilities. Wall-mounted storage will be best rather than stand storage which will use your room space.
  3. Mirror. The bathroom mirror is a must for both the man and woman. You are free to make up or get dress directly in your bath. For a man, you might be able to shave your beard and mustache, too. Combing your hair also could be done here.
  4. Add curtain. The curtain will be so beneficial for you as to make your bathroom more private. Curtain also might be able to be alternation. For saving the space room, it is okay if you do not install the door; let the curtain take the door’s function.

Tips for designing a small bathroom

Your bathroom may be small, but still, it will be interesting if you apply small bathroom decorating ideas for designing your bathroom. Here are tips on how to decorate a small bathroom.

  1. Striped wall. Striped wall idea is decorated by Alexandra de Garidel-Thoron and has been popular in Geneva. For the best way, you could apply this design to your bath wall. Use the combination of white and tan color for getting beautiful wall bath.
  2. Paint. Painting the wall is easy but choosing the paint itself is not. You must be careful in choosing paint for bath wall. As we know that wall is used for bathing or showering, it cannot be avoided that the painted wall might be molded and peeled off. Choosing durable paint will at least keep the wall for a bit longer.
  3. The roof tile. Once the roof tile falls, it is broken. That will not be avoided. Use a plank of wood as tile covering. You must choose solid wood for the best choice or oak which its price is less high than solid wood.

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