Glass Shelves for Bathroom Ideas


Glass shelves for bathroom are the excellent choice for your new bathroom looks. Nowadays many people choose the glass shelves because it doesn’t need many touching to get the luxury design.  Even the simple design can bring the excellent look.

The key of all is the quality of the glass itself. The only thing to take more time is to think about the design. Although you can just apply it directly to your bathroom, some people choose to think about the design, so it will not be boring when seeing them.

Are there any design ideas for glass shelves? Of course, there are. No matter if you put it in your bathroom vanity or inside your shower box, there are some choices to design it well.

Rectangular ideas

Rectangular Glass Shelves for Bathroom

The most used glass shelves for bathroom are a rectangular shape of glasses. The simplest design is put the glasses in a usual floating arrangement, like up and down if you use two glasses. Remember that almost of the glass shelves are placed on the wall.

The next idea is to design the arrangement of the glasses. You can put some medium or small glasses in design 1-2-1-2 on your wall. Small glasses are preferable. You can put this inside your shower box as a place to put the shampoo, soap, toothbrush and other bathroom tools.

Remember always to use the stainless steel tools to support the floating glass shelves. You can also try to cover the corners of the rectangular glasses to avoid any harm that caused by it. The corner of the glasses is sharp. It is important to cover it to protect your family, especially if it’s accessible for your kid.

Semi circle ideas

Semi Circle Glass Shelves for Bathroom

Semi circle idea is the safest design of glass shelves for bathroom. It is not semi circle, but the outer part is designed with the first circle. This is why it’s called the safest idea because it will not harm you or anyone else if accidentally touches the glasses. It is also suitable for the corner floating arrangement.

For the corner arrangement, you can only use the quarter circle. You can design it to make the top glasses as the smallest, while the ones under it are a little bigger and up to 4 glass. You can also combine both rectangle and the semi circle ideas with creative arrangement design to create stunning glass shelves for bathroom.