Garage Door Bottom Seal Replacement Steps


Replacing garage door bottom seal requires you to follow this instruction of steps by steps replacement tutorial.

Garage door bottom seal are really essential for your garage. The function of seals at the bottom end of a garage door is to prevent many things from breaking into your house through the garage. Although criminals are out of the list, seals prevent insects, rats, water, debris, and drafts of wind from entering and ruining your life. Basically, seal works as its meaning, “sealing” the garage from unwanted creatures or natural things. From that, it can be seen that seals play an important role maintaining. Therefore, when you see that the seals are beginning to worn and tore; it’s time to replace the seals with new ones.

Here’s how to replace garage door bottom seals

There are a couple of steps which you need to follow thoroughly in order to complete this replacement correctly. Pay attention to this step. The steps begin with buying. The rule of buying new seals, knows the right size and type of rubber seal which you’re going to get. Other than the size and type which you must have them precisely, you also require knowing the right measurement of its number of screws and screws’ size, breadth and the length of the garage door; also the width of the bottom, lastly, the gasket must not be excluded from the list.

Next step is removing the broken seal. This step is actually pretty easy. First, find the seal which is located in a long sleeve along which there are two grooves in there, facing one another under the garage door. The seals are attached with screws so you need to use a screwdriver to take it off. Then, after the old seal is removed, it’s time to install the new comer. Now read carefully, insert the seal into bracket sleeve by placing the seal near the ends of the garage door. Screws the seal and if there is any extra seal, you can cut it off with a knife.

The last step is to check if the seal disturb door’s movement in any way: when door is moving up or down. Also, make sure that insects, rats, drafts of wind can’t get into the garage from any gap: small or large. These steps are very easy to follow and very informational about replacement of bottom seal of a garage door. Seal is one of the most important parts of garage door. Therefore, garage door bottom seal replacement must be done correctly. Hope this article helps you in a great way.